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The Perfect Vacation

  • Are We Ready for Anything?

    Of course, you can't foresee out-of-season monsoons, ear infections, or the Children's Museum closing because the air conditioner's on the fritz. But you can bring indoor games, find out the location of the nearest emergency room, and look for a playground that has swings.

    A Disney excursion went awry when Catherine Kukla's daughter Emma, 5, became terrified on her first ride, threw up after another, and was scared of the characters. Despite this, their vacation still turned out fine. "Emma had a blast just being in the hotel pool," says the Dallas mom, who also sweetened the vacation by letting her daughter eat junk food and buy a few fun souvenirs. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior or a first-time family traveler, do your homework. With a little savvy and some careful investigation, both you and your gang can have a fulfilling getaway.

    Susan Brenna has written about health and education for Ladies' Home Journal, New York, and other magazines.