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The Secret Fears Of New Parents

Give It Time

The good news is that over time, these worries become less intrusive and, in some cases, disappear altogether  -- though it may take a few weeks, or even a few months. And while becoming a parent means that you always worry and, in some sense, feel responsible for your children, the intense feeling of vulnerability fades as you gain a more balanced perspective on things.

For many, seeing their child learn to walk and communicate basic needs can alleviate some of the concern. "There was a gradual easing of worries for me, especially as my daughter grew older and began to need me a little less," says Nancy Cambridge. Eventually, she not only went back to sailing and skiing, but took the whole family along. "I realized I'd seen my first child safely through her first few years," says Cambridge. "Nothing happened to me or to her. Everything turned out just fine."

Gillian Judge writes for American Health, Walking, and other national magazines.