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The Sleepover Survival Guide

Is Your Child Ready for a Sleepover?

Ask yourself these five simple questions before packing your kid's sleeping bag:

1. Is she mostly independent at bedtime, or does she still rely on you for special cuddles and tuck-ins?

2. Has she slept over at a relative's home? Staying with grandparents or cousins can be a useful dry run.

3. Is your child comfortable with the other family? For a first sleepover, she'll do better staying with a close friend rather than a casual pal.

4. Does your child separate from you with ease? With clingy kids or those who stress out in new situations, there's a high likelihood you'll get a middle-of-the-night "I want to come home" call.

5. Can your child survive on very little sleep? Some kids cope better than others. 'Nuf said.


Teri Cettina, of Portland, OR, has two daughters and five backyard chickens.