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The Ultimate Nursery

Pick a color

Select the colors you want first, or use ones in a favorite item you already have. (We've taken our pink and yellow from the rug.) This will give the room a pulled-together look and will make future choices easier.

Find a focal point

We used a custom-painted crib, which was available in a range of colors, for a bright, out of the ordinary look.

Grow with baby

It's all about flowers here. The pegs now holding baby shoes may hold jewelry and jackets when she's 10. The rose lamp will be sweet, not babyish, when she's older  -- she may even take it with her to the dorm!

Do double duty

The sturdy hatboxes are perfect "girly" storage. They'll hold plenty of toys, keepsakes, even hats  -- and stacked, they work as a table.