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What’s In a Name?

Quirky and unusual names

Quirky Names

Girls: Daisy, Josephine, Lola, Ruby, Sadie

Boys: Homer, Hugo, Jasper, Nigel, Oscar

If you love offbeat names—not unique or invented or foreign choices, but traditional names that are nevertheless unusual (think of Julia Roberts's twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus)—you prefer not going along with the crowd. You may be creative in many ways, from how you dress to the food you eat to what you do for a living, and have a breadth of knowledge about things like books and music and art. You're comfortable being different in ways that other people might consider strange or unappealing. But you prize beauty and have the capacity to find it in places where others don't even think to look.

Unusual Names

Girls: Azaia, Kianna, Normandie, Ondrea

Boys: Craedyn, Koden, Krisp, Osten, Zyler

You're the ultra-inventive sort who's never content to pluck something off the shelf when you can make a better one yourself. So if you choose a traditional name, you make it your own by starting it with a different letter or adding an extra syllable at the end. Or you invent an entirely new name. Individuality is more important to you than family or ethnic identity, and you want to be defined on your own terms. If other people have to work harder to get to know you, so much the better.