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What’s In a Name?

Classic and gender-bending names

Classic Names

Girls: Anna, Elizabeth, Katherine, Laura, Sarah

Boys: Andrew, Henry, James, Matthew, William

Liking trend-proof names means you probably value things that last: an antique chaise over a beanbag chair, a leather suitcase rather than a nylon duffle, real gold jewelry instead of fun baubles. You're likely investigating college investments along with pricing strollers and nursery furniture—thinking of the next 18 years of parenthood rather than just making it through childbirth. You may be from a tight-knit established family, or at least long for the kind of clan that passes names down through the generations. While you're enjoying every moment of pregnancy, you keep one eye on the past...and one on the future.

Gender-Bending Names

Girls/Boys: Cameron, Harley, Jordan, Peyton, Scout

Ambisexual names have been popular in recent years for a couple of reasons. They blur gender distinctions many parents see as outmoded, theoretically giving girls a competitive edge in school and at work and softening the macho image of boys. Many of them also suggest a kind of Waspy old-money sensibility, making it sound as if your child is carrying on an ancient family name (even if you just picked it because you thought it was cool). Surname-names also open up a whole new way to honor family members—grandma's maiden name is now fair game along with her first name—as well as people you admire from politics or the arts.