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3 Magic Phrases for Parents


“In this family...”

The next phrase I acquired at a family camp I was attending last summer. A therapist made a brief side note in a lecture regarding juvenile diabetes and peer pressure. She explained that a parent can use the phrase, “in this family” to help him define his family's morals and practices. Makes perfect sense. If you haven't felt the need for this phrase yet, just you wait until your child is in school. You'll want to keep it handy. Write it on your cell phone case if that helps. Better yet, just write it on your forehead with a red Sharpie. Trust me, you're going to need it.

Your child is going to adamantly declare that Jenna has Fruity Pebbles at snacktime everyday! And Anthony has all ten Star Wars movies! That's your cue. The earlier you get them used to hearing it the better. Confidently explain how “In this family...” Go ahead and follow it with the pronoun “we” and eventually the word “because, ” so we keep those respect/same-boat threads weaving away. Soon you'll all be holding hands and knitting quilts. OK, maybe not, but you will be getting everyone on the same page by defining your family's mutual goals and morals. Eventually they'll see the light (when they have kids of their own perhaps).