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When Baby Plays Favorites

Feel hurt or jealous when your baby favors your caregiver, hubby, or (God forbid) mother-in-law over you? Keep reading, or see our chart.

Daycare delight. He may simply not be ready to go -- it's not that he loves his daycare provider more than you; he's just not ready to switch gears yet.

Dealing with it. Use a ritual to mark when it's time to go ("We can read a book, and then we'll leave."). And stop worrying; you've created a loving community for your tot, and you should be proud.

How to fight favoritism:

Your baby insists that only daddy can feed her.
Let him! It's great for their relationship, and you can try to help out occasionally, too. Besides, these jags rarely last long.

You're jealous that your tot seems to prefer your husband's annoying buddy to you.
Remind yourself that letting your baby love and be loved is a gift that will last forever -- and that you're her favorite, no matter what.

You've been gone all day, and your baby turns away when you try to pick her up.
Realize that she might be frustrated that you can come and go as you please and she can't. Don't get defensive; let her know you're ready for a hug when she is.