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When Chase Was Born

"One more big push, we need to get the shoulders out!" she continues. "Really big push this time."

What? I've just used up my prayer, and now they want a big push?

Keith looks ecstatic, but I'm overwhelmed. And distracted by the doctor, who, even more agitated, is barking orders at the nurse.

"The umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck," she mutters. "And, oh no, the hand is caught behind the baby's shoulder."

"Keith, there's something wrong," I sob, panic overtaking me.

"No, there's not," he says serenely. "You're almost there."

He counts me down, I push my luck and ask God for yet another favor, and we finally learn the answer to the question we've been asking for the past 40 weeks.

"It's a boy!" the doctor announces.

A boy? I could have sworn I was having a girl!

"That was scary, right?" I say as they whisk the baby away for the usual battery of tests.