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Why I Didn't Circumcise My Sons

Courtesy of Will Robertson

I am a 38-year-old father of two little boys living in Portland, Oregon and I like my circumcised penis. However, when it came time to decide the fate of my sons’ own genitalia, my wife and I bucked the trend and let them live as they were born. 

First, to be clear: I’m no “intactivist.”  I do not feel nearly that passionately about the subject. I have absolutely no problem with anyone who decides to circumcise his or her child. Tradition is powerful stuff.  

And the American Academy of Pediatrics’s newly revised policy statement will not, in my opinion, make the issue any clearer for expectant parents – it remains artfully ambiguous. Yet, the revised policy does clearly state that the procedure should be covered by insurance. This will likely lead to greater access to circumcisions, which will surely be heralded by advocates.  

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But for me, the decision came down to my penchant to leave well enough alone. I figure that nature knows better than I do about how to make a penis. That’s it. 

I’m not worried about the hygiene issues that are potentially related to uncircumcised penises. They are minor and rare. Besides, my boys are lucky enough to be able to bathe in clean water just about every day. I’ll take the time to show them how to clean themselves just as the parent of a little girl must teach her to wash her vagina carefully.