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Why I Decided To Circumcise My Sons

Courtesy of Heather Aimee O’Neill

Was it an easy decision to make? No. Do I think we made the right decision? Yes. Do I know that Abbie and I investigated, explored and considered all of our options and with the help of professionals and our own reflection decided on what was best for our child? Absolutely. Hearing that the American Academy of Pediatrics now also feels the benefits outweigh the risk only reinforces our decision.

Before our second son, Teo, was born, we continued to educate ourselves on the procedure. Both Abbie and I were open to the idea that the evidence may have changed.  We did not just assume that we’d follow the same path with our second child to make sure he shared this trait with his older brother. We approached the decision in much the same way and, again, in the end, we found the medical evidence to be the most persuasive factor.

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Just as I had with Tommy, I stayed with Teo during his procedure. I pressed my face to his face. I held his hand. I knew I’d made this decision with care and thought and I felt, and still feel, that it is one that will benefit him.

I don’t expect everyone to understand or agree with the choice that Abbie and I made for our sons.  When Tommy and Teo are naked at the beach with friends, often they are in the minority because they are circumcised. And that’s okay. For us it was never about fitting in or following customs.  We made our decision based on the information that we had and trusted, and our own expectations and fears and hopes for our children’s future.