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Your Baby's First Year

Enough To Eat?

I'm breastfeeding. How can I tell whether my newborn's getting enough milk?

Signs a nursing baby is well fed in the first three months:

• He's gaining weight. Expect your baby to put on four to seven ounces a week.

• He wets four to eight diapers a day.

• He has about two to four mustard-colored, seedy stools a day (but it's common for infants not to poop for several days).

If you suspect your baby's not getting enough milk at feedings, it's possible that he needs to nurse more frequently. I recommend feeding him on demand  -- which could be as often as every one and a half to three hours. Or he may not be nursing efficiently. To really get the milk flowing, your baby should have not just the nipple but also the areola, the dark area surrounding it, in his mouth. To get it right, try the trick my wife, Martha, and I dubbed the "lower-lip flip": While he's latched on, pull down on his chin gently. His mouth will open wider to take in more of the breast.