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What's Your Baby's Nursing Style?


The Excited but Ineffective

In a frenzied cycle, these tots grasp the nipple with their mouths, lose it, and then scream in frustration. They need to be calmed down several times during each feeding.


How to Help Them

Respond early. Head off frustration by offering your breast at the earliest sign that he's ready for it. Some clues: arousal from sleep, rooting (searching with his mouth), flexing of arms and legs, bringing hand to mouth, or moving mouth or tongue. If he shows signs in his sleep, you can even try to nurse him while he's dozing in an attempt to ward off hunger.

Make feeding the priority. If your baby wakes up hungry from a nap, don't change his dirty diaper. Let him eat, and then tend to the poop.

Try soothing strategies. To keep your baby focused, nurse him in a rocking chair; the motion is calming. Breastfeeding in a warm bath, or in any scenario that allows skin-to-skin contact, may also be comforting, says Jane Crouse, a La Leche League spokesperson. "Anything that reminds him of life in utero will help: warmth, movement, sound, closeness."