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What's Your Baby's Nursing Style?


The Rester

Also called Nipper-Nappers, these babes like to nurse for a few minutes, then rest, then resume. Some fall asleep on the breast, then wake an hour later ready for dessert. Their pattern can be confusing, but these babies cannot be hurried.


How to Help Them

Gently wake her. Try undressing or unswaddling your baby so she's less cozy and more alert. Or play with her feet to interest her in drinking and delay her dozing.

Ignore the "switch sides" rule. Since a Rester may drink for only a minute before breaking, you don't have to switch breasts at every feeding, or after ten minutes, as many books suggest. When to move her over? Switch eight times a day until your milk supply is in, then follow your boobs. Give her whichever one feels fuller. The other breast will let you know when it wants its turn.

Lend a hand. "Use your hands to pump milk into your baby's mouth whenever she slows down," suggests Dr. Viehmann. Find a firm spot on the breast (often near the armpits); massage it in the direction of your nipple until you hear her swallow.

Go with it. Before the end of the first month, your Rester will be on a more predictable schedule, so for now pretend you're on island time. "Forget about the laundry, cooking, returning calls or e-mails," Dr. Viehmann recommends, "and change your mind-set to 'this is the only thing I really need to do today.' " Lying around with your baby is the most important thing you can be doing right now, so go with the flow and feel good about it.

Patty Onderko is a senior editor at Babytalk.