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Your New Baby: A Troubleshooting Health Guide

She Holds Her Breath!

"When a baby is breathing and all of a sudden he stops, you get so nervous," says Allison Rafferty of San Francisco. "My son, Bobby, would stop for eight seconds at a time!"

It might seem like an eternity, but it's completely normal. "Periodic breathing is fine as long as it's for short periods of time, up to ten seconds, there's no color change in the baby, and she resumes breathing on her own," says Dr. Frank. "It happens because the portion of the brain that controls breathing hasn't fully developed in your baby."

Even better news is that there's no link between periodic breathing and the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), says Dr. Frank.

Call the pediatrician if: she has difficulty breathing, her hands and feet start to turn blue, or she's running a temperature above 100.4°F; she might have an infection.