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Your New Baby: A User's Manual

At last, your incredible new baby has arrived  -- sweet, innocent, and utterly dependent on you to provide for all of his needs. There is a lot to learn  -- feeding, burping, bathing, comforting  -- but don't panic. It's all pretty straightforward. To help, here's a handy reference for those first few weeks. Use it when you're stumped, curious, or just in need of some reassurance. And remember, while there are a few basics you need to master in order to keep your baby safe and comfortable, the rest is a matter of fine-tuning your skills (you'll get plenty of practice) and listening to your instincts. In the meantime, your newborn won't mind if his diaper's a bit askew, if you wash his toes before his tummy, or if you don't know the name of that tiny birthmark on his neck. What he wants and needs most of all is what you're most capable of giving him  -- your love.