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Dear Teacher, Let's Talk

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Taylor

How do you stay in touch with your child's teacher(s)? Texts? Email? Four page single-spaced handwritten letters? (!)

When there's good communication between home and school, kids' achievement increases. We'd love to read how you communicate with your teachers and if it's working for you. You can take this quick survey to share your thoughts with us right now



A lot of schools don't have phones in the classrooms. That's why as a parent, I'm reluctant to ever call teachers. Plus, they're teaching and can't talk on the phone. Does your child's teacher have a phone in his or her classroom? 



I LOVE email. Email, in my opinion, is the easiest method of getting in touch with teachers - at their convenience. Also, I love when teachers email out weekly newsletters, don't you? 



Since my youngest has epilepsy, her teachers and I do text - but I don't think that's very common, do you? Would you text your child's teacher?



Many teachers post homework and news on websites. Do you have a teacher who does this? 


I'm asking because we'd love to know how you communicate with your teachers and if it's working for you. Would you please take a quick survey (12 questions) to tell us? We will use your responses in an upcoming Parenting Magazine issue, on the TODAY show, and at Mom Congress 2012. 


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