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Parenting’s on Google Schemer!

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We’re delighted and excited to be one of the launch partners for Schemer, Google’s new site that lets you search, save, share and plan cool stuff to do, from recipes to try tonight to big once-in-a-lifetime experiences every kid should have. Create an itinerary of family-friendly stuff to do on your next vacation, get rainy day ideas, or start a bucket list of summer fun. If you’re not sure where to start, get ideas from experts or friends; you can even rally friends to join you using your circles on Google+. Schemer can also suggest stuff to do based on where you are.

Still don’t get it? Check out the video that explains it all:



Try some of our favorite schemes now: 

Do a backyard campout

Fly down on of San Francisco’s secret slides

Make yummy edible finger paint

Check out all of our awesome schemes at!