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12 Immunity-Boosting Snacks

  • A healthy diet is key to keeping kids' immune systems in top form. These 12 bites will give their germ-fighting power an extra jolt.

  • Sweet Tart

  • A Total Pro

  • Juiced Up

  • Banan-o's

  • Bionic Blend

    Finally, a smoothie that's not such a pain to make. Just add ice and water, then blend. You'll give 'em a drink that's got one full serving of fruit for less than a buck. Chiquita Smoothies in Mixed Berry, $2.69

  • Valerie Fischel

    Main Squeeze
    You'll find only berries, bananasĀ and apples in this neatly packaged smoothie. In the words of a 3-year-old kid tester, "You eat it and you dwink it!" (Ella's Kitchen The Red One, $1.39)

  • Sweet Bell

    A whole yellow bell pepper has almost five times the vitamin C of an orange. Cut into slivers and dunk in French onion dip or, our fave, a raspberry vinaigrette.

  • Oh, Snap!

    We love that this combo has snap peas in the mix and lures kids to nibble with a bit of ranch. Packing a healthy snack just got way easier. Ready Pac Ready Snax Veggies & Cheese, $2.49

  • D-lightful

  • Deep Freeze

    This frozen pop's made with only 100 percent juice -- no neon colors here. You'll have to check your kids' wardrobes for that malfunction. Fruit Chillers in Strawberry Snow Storm, $2.99 for eight

  • Double Duty

    On the outside: yogurt with probiotics, the good bugs that restore balance in the belly. On the inside: antioxidant-packed cherries. Welch's Cherry Fruit 'n Yogurt snacks, $2.99 for 8

  • Sneaky Beans