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16 Classic Dad Gifts


    Travel Baby Depot Bag

    Your husband does a lot for your little one, so he deserves a bag that works as hard as he does.


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    Hardcore Daddy/Baby T-Shirt & One-Piece

    Perfect for any brand-new dad who's proud of his little chip-off-the-old-block, this grown-up tee comes with a matching onesie for junior.


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    Ultra-Thin Travel Speaker

    This super-thin travel speaker for MP3 players, smart phones, tablets and laptops gives Dad great sound and a resting place for smaller devices in case he wants to watch a movie.



    Travel Shaving Kit Gifts for Dad

    This travel shave kit, with shaving essentials plus genuine badger hair shaving brush, is perfect for traveling. It'll keep him smooth on business trips and vacations (because we know you don't want beard burn). Best of all, it comes packaged to meet TSA requirements. Choose from lavender or white tea scents.



    Touch Screen Gloves

    These gloves from eco-friendly Japanese designer Muji let dad use his favorite touch screen gadgets without freezing his fingers off.



    Toothpaste Tube Wringer

    The key to getting him to actually roll up the tube of toothpaste? Gadget-ize the chore with this handy device.



    The Mischief Maker's Manual

    The Mischief Maker's Manual, a hilariously illustrated book, was written for kids but is great for anyone who still laughs at fart jokes and loves pulling pranks. You might want to read it first, so you know to watch out for the "Diet Coke Explosion" trick, and the "World's Largest Butt Photo." But even if you get duped by the "Invisible Toilet Force Field" prank, try to laugh and roll with the punches—it just means your husband is having a blast.



    Signature Series Pens

    Josh Bach brings his flair for uncommon design to these stunning pens. Even a man that's tough to shop for will find joy with these brilliant silver clips, featuring corkscrews, wrenches, shot guns, and even The Thinker.


  • The Dawn Patrol

    Dads will be able to relate to Dawn Patrol's crimefighting protagonist, Boone Daniels, and enjoy Don Winslow's rough-around-the-edges writing style. It's like chick lit for dudes.



    Golfer's Doorstop for Dad

    The Golfer's Doorstop is the easiest way to golf on-the-go. He can wedge it underneath the door to keep it opened (or closed for a little golf-privacy.)


  • Road Mice

    Your husband probably loves cars as much as your three year old does, so he'll think this Road Mice is a totally cool (and practical) grown-up toy. Pointing and clicking is way more fun when your computer mouse is a Dodge Charger SRT8 or a Ford GT Mustang. Compatible with Apple and PC desktops and laptops, they come in both wired and wireless versions.

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    Scene It? Seinfeld Edition

    Scene It? Seinfeld is the perfect way to satisfy any hard-core Seinfeld fan—it's packed with trivia questions and real clips from the entire series.


  • Beer of the Month Club

    For the gift that keeps on giving all year long, sign up your brewski-loving papa for the Beer of the Month Club—they'll deliver four different varieties of American microbrews right to his doorstep. Or try another monthly club—gift options include other dad faves like wine, cigar and pizza too.

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