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Top 10 Baby Boy Names


    1. Liam
    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: Short for William, "determined protector"
    Reason: Bounding up the ranks to steal the top spot, Liam only broke into the Top 20 in 2011. We're guessing the sudden leap in interest came with the arrival of two talented young Liams—Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games" saga and Payne of boy-band favorite One Direction.
    Well-known Liams:

    • Liam Payne, singer
    • Liam Hemsworth, actor
    • Liam Neeson, actor

    2. Noah
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: "Rest, peaceful, comfort"
    Reason: Noah is a tried-and-true name for a calm, steady and thoughtful person. It's a title of Biblical proportions and has risen steadily since it broke the Top 10 in 2009. Its place on the list is no surprise with thespian Noahs like Wyle, Taylor and Emmerich sharing the moniker. Plus, the next generation of young actors like Munck, Crawford and Ringer has broken onto the scene in recent years. The release of the "Noah" movie in March may boost its rank to No. 1.
    Well-known Noahs:

    • Noah Wyle, actor
    • Noah Taylor, actor
    • Noah, character from book and movie "The Notebook"

    3. Aidan
    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: "Fiery, little fire"
    Reason: Aidan's real popularity wasn't boosted until the early 2000s. But with handsome and talented stars like Aidan Turner and Aidan Quinn and the character Aiden Shaw from "Sex and the City" in the limelight, how could parents not want their children to carry this title?
    Well-known Aidans:

    • Aidan Turner, actor
    • Aidan Quinn, actor
    • Aidan Mattox, fashion brand

    4. Ethan
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: "Strong, firm"
    Reason: In the Top 10 since 2002, Ethan is a favorite for its classic yet modern nature and spectrum of assumed personality traits, such as strength, reliability and sensitivity. Famous connections include Tom Cruise's "Mission Impossible" character Ethan Hunt and young actor Ethan Cutkosky from Showtime's "Shameless."

    Well-known Ethans:

    • Ethan Hawke, actor
    • Ethan Peck, actor
    • Ethan Allen, furniture store

    5. Benjamin
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: "Son of the right hand"
    Reason: New to the list this year is the ultimate all-American name: Benjamin. It has been in the Top 100 of the Social Security's name rankings since 1880, excluding a 40-year block from the mid-1920s to mid-1960s. That's over 130 years as a favorite name in the United States! Benjamin broke into the Top 20 in 2011.
    Well-known Benjamins:

    • Benjamin Franklin, scientist and philosopher
    • Benjamin McKenzie, actor
    • Benjamin Bratt, actor

    6. Jackson
    Origin: English
    Meaning: "Son of Jack"
    Reason: Jackson is another high-ranking newbie this year. Although it had never before broken into the Top 20 and only ranked 22 in 2012, it has seen a lot of attention in recent months. As a modern alternative to John and Jack, we think this name will skyrocket even further up the ranks.
    Well-known Jacksons:

    • Jackson Rathbone, actor
    • Jackson Pollock, artist
    • Jackson Browne, singer-songwriter

    7. Jacob
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: "Supplanter, substitute"
    Reason: Before this year, Jacob had been No. 1 since 1999 due to its good-natured vibes and playful nickname, Jake. But such long-term popularity has made this name lose some of its novelty and character. It's still a beloved boy-next-door title, and alternative spellings and variations like Jakob and Jacoby give a subtle new identity to the name to make it fresh.
    Well-known Jacobs:

    • Jacob Artist, actor
    • Jacob Black, character from the "Twilight" book and movie series
    • Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa
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    8. William
    Origin: English, German
    Meaning: "Protector, resolute protection"
    Reason: If you try to say that you've never met a William, we'll say you're lying. This name hasn't dropped out of the Top 20 since 1880 when records started. Dropping down from last year's No. 5 spot, William is still a perfect name because it grows up with your child through variations like Billy, Willy, Bill, Will and eventually, William.
    Well-known Williams:

    • William Shatner, actor
    • William Shakespeare, writer
    • William Howard Taft, U.S. president

    9. Alexander
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: "Defender of mankind"
    Reason: Regal, powerful, noble and brave, Alexander is a strongly masculine name. This hunk of a title has been in the Top 20 since 2000. Plus, the number of variations and nicknames (e.g., Alex, Alec, Zander) will make your head spin.
    Well-known Alexanders:

    • Alexander Graham Bell, scientist
    • Alexander Skarsgard, actor
    • Alexander McQueen, fashion designer

    10. Lucas
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: "Bringer of light"
    Reason: Rounding out our Top 10 is newcomer Lucas. It is a stronger, more formal alternative to its variation Luke. It also has the option to use the lighter and more fun moniker as a nickname.
    Well-known Lucases:

    • Lucas Scott, character on "One Tree Hill"
    • Lucas Grabeel, actor
    • Lucas Black, actor

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