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The Best Books to Pass Down To Your Kids

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    Where The Sidewalk Ends
    Shel Silverstein

    "In third grade, I fell in love with Shel Silverstein's sense of humor in Where the Sidewalk Ends. The cover is now ripped and torn, and the pages are worn and stained, but I have never stopped reading it. When my son was a year old, my younger brother was sent to Iraq. He found a program for soldiers to record themselves reading a book to a loved one, and recorded himself reading some WTSE poems. In the beginning of the video he explains to my son that this book was his momma's favorite when she was little and that he used to sneak it from her so that he could read it also, which was the first I had ever heard. It brought tears to my eyes as I watched my son listen to every word and we followed along holding the same book my brother was holding in the video." -Rebecca, St. Augustine, FL

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    The Polar Express
    Chris Van Allsburg

    "I can remember reading The Polar Express and being so overwhelmed with anticipation of Santa Claus' magic. I still love it, even as an adult. I'm almost 3 months pregnant and bought the book for my unborn child with the dream of reading it to him every Christmas Eve." Leah, North Stonington, CT

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    Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
    Betty MacDonald

    "The Mrs. Piggle Wiggle stories. Each chapter is about a cure for kids that wouldn't pick up their toys or take baths. I love Mrs. Piggle Wiggle because she loves children and has a magical cure for any problem." -Danielle, Burnsville, MN

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    You Were Loved Before You Were Born
    Eve Bunting

    "You Were Loved Before You Were Born. It's about aunts, cousins and grandparents preparing for the baby to come. When the book mentions family members, we replace them with the names of the people in our family, making it personalized for my daughter. I think that's why she likes it so much!" -Kristi, Napa, CA

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    Oh! The Places You'll Go
    Dr. Seuss

    "I love the symbolism in Oh! The Places You'll Go. I tear up every time I read it to my daughter each year on her birthday, knowing that one day she will be ready to leave and start her own journey. As a parent, that makes me a little scared, worried and anxious, but most of all proud that I will have prepared her to take on the world." -Penny, Katy, TX

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    Harold and the Purple Crayon
    Crockett Johnson

    "Harold and the Purple Crayon. My mother used to read us books, and she was so animated that it became more like a play then just a book. She used to give us purple crayons and we made our own books to make it even more fun to read." -Kellie, Victoria, British Columbia

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    The Bible

    "The Bible. It's God's word, preserved over thousands of years for us. Great stories, excellent advice, true wisdom and above all, the answers to all of life's most challenging questions." -Jason, Owosso, MI

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    Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
    Judy Blume

    "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret was my favorite when I was a girl, and I kept my book and will hand it down to my daughter one day. I can't wait until she's old enough to read it and enjoy it as I did." -Misty, New Smyrna Beach, FL

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    Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!
    Dr. Seuss

    "I just love the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz." -Melanie, Springville, UT

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    The Quran

    "The Quran. I'm a Muslim and its teachings were handed down to me by my parents. The opening chapter (Al-Fathiha) inspires me a lot and I tend to use it often." -Ida-Or, Fort de France, Martinique

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    Arm in Arm
    Remy Charlip

    "Arm in Arm by Remy Charlip. It's full of all kinds of nonsense and illustrated in a fun and detailed way. Even now I go back and look through it for little things like acrobatic kitties or tiny tea parties." -Hallie, Baltimore, MD

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    I Love You, Stinky Face
    Cyd Moore

    "I read I Love You, Stinky Face to my son, and his face lights up when I read it. I use very silly voices and hold the book up so he can see, and he smiles and coos at all the colors. It's almost like he is trying to read it, too!" -Vanessa, East Galesburg, IL

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    The Giving Tree
    Shel Silverstein

    "The Giving Tree because it represents true, unconditional love." -Leslie, Charleston, SC

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    The Stinky Cheese Man
    Lane Smith

    "The Stinky Cheese Man. I want my kids to grow up with a sense of humor, and there are plenty of places to stop and give tickles in between pages, which my kids love." -Nikki, Cincinnati, OH

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    Love You Forever
    Robert Munsch

    "I bought Love You Forever for my daughter way before I was ever pregnant with her. We read it all the time, and every day when I drop her off at preschool, I say ‘I’ll love you forever’ and she responds with ‘I’ll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.’" -Courtney, Griffith, IN

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    Jonathan Livingston Seagull
    Richard Bach

    "Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I was ten when my mom gave it to me, and initially I thought, ‘I don't want to read a stupid book about a seagull!’ But it's about so much more. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is obsessed with speed when all the other seagulls are living just to eat. He fights against all the negativity and continues to read for his dream of speeding through the air. It teaches you to keep going towards your goals no matter how hard it is or how much people tell you that you can't. Can't is never an option. It's 91 pages of awesome. I still pick it up today." -Jamie, Harrisburg, PA

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    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Harper Lee

    "I love To Kill a Mockingbird because it teaches that what we believe to be true is not always the case, and to use our own experiences, rather than others' expectations, to shape who we are and what we believe. I have two boys, but if I had a girl I would want her to be like Scout. She's so sensitive and adventurous!" -Daphne, Lafayette, LA

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    Just In Case You Ever Wonder
    Max Lucado

    "My husband and I love reading Just In case You Ever Wonder to our son Dante because it is a nice way to explain that we will love him no matter what. We adopted him in June, and he will grow up knowing that we will always have his back and be honest with him." -Laura, Blaine, MN

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    Amelia Bedelia
    Peggy Parish

    "I have such fond memories of reading Amelia Bedelia to my little sister (with voices!) when I was younger. It could always make me smile." -Dorothy, North Fort Myers, FL

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    Don Freeman

    "My mom read Corduroy to me as a kid, and on the day my daughter was born, she gave me the same book. She had saved it just so I could have it for my kids. I have always loved the fact that even after his adventure through the department store and everything he sees, when he is brought home he realizes that home is where he will be loved and that is what he wants most." -Jessica, North Fort Myers, FL

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    The Twiddlebugs’ Dream House
    Pat Tornborg

    "The Twiddlebugs’ Dream House. The art is very special—it's composed of actual photographs of miniatures that look like little bugs that live in a ‘Cookie Nips’ carton outside of a little girl's bedroom window box. The story brings back so many childhood memories for me, and makes story time with my girls extra special. I intend to make sure this story is passed down for as many generations as possible!" -Lindsey, Cincinnati, OH

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    The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    Eric Carle

    "The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It's a good first book for a child to develop basic reading skills." -Susan, Scotland

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    The Monster at the End of This Book
    Jon Stone

    "My son, Evan, is four and a half, and he loves when I read The Monster at the End of This Book. In fact, I usually read it to him twice and he still wants more. My youngest isn't as interested, though; all he wants to do is turn the pages." -Chrissy, Marysville, WA

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