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Celebrity Baby Names We Love


    Gideon and Harper, son and daughter of Neil Patrick Harris

    It's twins for Neil Patrick Harris, and twice the baby name goodness for us! The sweet Harper has become the hot baby girl name for celebrity parents—the Beckham's daughter shares the name—and Gideon is a quirky pick that we love. 

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    Noah, son of Alessandra Ambrosio

    The Victoria's Secret model went slightly conservative with a classic name choice for her second child. She was quoted in People as saying she wanted a name that worked in both Portuguese and English, and it looks like she found it with Noah, a perennial top 10 baby boy name.

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    Poppy, daughter of Jessica Capshaw

    Are flower names coming back? Possibly, with the Grey's Anatomy star choosing Poppy for her third child. It's bright and fun, plus it lends itself to the supercute Poppy Seed as a pet name.

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    Camden, son of Kristin Cavallari

    When you think of Cam, the boy name Cameron usually comes to mind. We applaud the actress for going with Camden, a less-common but just as cool variation, which recalls the edgy London 'hood of the same name.

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    Penelope , daughter of Kourtney Kardashian

    We're glad Kourtney didn't stick with her family's penchant for "K" baby names—particularly with daughter Penelope. It's playful with a sweet nickname, Penny, and is becoming a celeb fave: Tina Fey's daughter has the same name!

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    Eliza, daughter of Caterina Scorsone

    The Private Practice actress chose Eliza for her first child, and we love this vintage pick. The name recalls spirited female heroines, including Eliza Doolittle and Jane Austen's Elizabeth "Eliza" Bennet, and has fun nickname options: Liza and Liz.

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    Kingston, son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

    No everyday names for Gwen and Gavin's son; Kingston is a cool -- but not too weird -- name. The last-name-as-a-first name gives it some sophistication to boot.

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    Matilda Rose, daughter of Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger

    Matilda, like the one from the eponymous Roald Dahl novel, evokes sweetness and spunk. The middle name Rose offers a graceful finish.

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    Tabitha, daughter of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

    How many Tabithas do you know these days? This name -- also chosen as the name of the daughter on '60s sitcom Bewitched -- oozes vintage appeal yet feels thoroughly modern too.

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    Vida, daughter of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

    This whimsical name is full of life -- Vida literally means "life" in Portuguese -- and perfectly suited for a daughter of fun-loving dad Matthew McConaughey. It also pays homage to her mother's Brazilian roots.

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    Rocco, son of Madonna

    Nothing about Madonna is commonplace -- including her kids' names. Rocco is cool, tough and artsy all at once.

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    Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

    Say all you want about the hoopla surrounding little Suri Cruise, but her name is a blend of exotic, unique and pretty.

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    Frances, daughter of Amanda Peet

    The name Frances is old-school cool on its own, but the playful, unisex nickname Frankie takes the grandma edge off.

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    Max, son of Christina Aguilera

    The boy name Max has risen back in favor -- partly from the book and movie Where the Wild Things Are, but also because Christina dusted that old-timey, cool-again moniker off for her son. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony also chose Max for their son.

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    Billie Beatrice, daughter of Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart

    McHottie's daughter was given a unisex name, but with a decidedly girly spelling (love the "ie" ending). After Billie, Beatrice just fits, and offers some cute alliteration.

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    Violet, daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

    Violet: Sweet and pretty as the color. The nickname Vi is also short and sweet.

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    Olive, daughter of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen

    Naming your kid after a food hasn't always gone down so well (I'm looking at you, Gwyneth), but Olive? That's a fresh and fun alternative to the more common Olivia.

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    Alexander, son of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

    There's something very regal about the name Alexander. It's a total classic and offers a variety of nicknames (Al, Alex, Xander). However, Watts and Schreiber have taken to calling him Sasha, the Russian nickname for Alexander.

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    Stella Luna, daughter of Ellen Pompeo

    At first blush Stella Luna sounds more like a constellation than a name -- but its celestial feel only makes it more beautiful-sounding.

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    Ignatius, son of Cate Blanchett

    Cate's kid will definitely be the only Ignatius on the playground -- but its unusualness is part of the appeal. While the full name sounds sophisticated, the nickname Iggy makes it kid-appropriate and playful.

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    Vivienne and Zahara -- daughters of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

    Not only do these kids have gorgeous parents, they've got gorgeous names, too. Between the pronunciation and spelling, Vivienne is dripping in French glamour (she was born in France!), and Zahara has a warm sound, and since it sounds like similar to Sahara, evokes her African birthplace.