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Buying Guide: 40+ Cool Homemade Halloween Costumes



    Polly wants a cracker… and a Butterfinger… and some candy corn…

     Turquoise Parrot Costume, $50, available at



    She'll be a force to be reckoned with (or at least cuddled) in this totally sweet triceratops hat. Don't worry—the horns are filled with soft polyfil, so hurtful headbutts will go the way of the dinosaurs. Bonus: it's adjustable and comes in a sweet range of colors (Who says there weren’t pink dinosaurs?). 

    Triceratops Hat, $34, available at


    A Dino Tale 

    This dinosaur tail will make him really feel like a mean, green reptile. Perfect for stomping around and saying "rawwwrrrrghhhh!" 

    Green and red dino/dragon dress up tail, $40, available at


    The Very Little Mermaid 

    This tiny mermaid tail will make a big splash on Halloween. (No need to buy the coconut bra just yet.) 

    Mermaid Tail and Headband Set, $35, available at



    More adorable than ferocious, this dino (or dragon) cape is the perfect thing to adorn your kid on Halloween as he darts from house to house in search of candy. Totally customizable in with your kid’s favorite color combo. 

    Dinosaur Cape with 3D Scales, $40, available at


    The Modern Princess 

    There are plenty of ways you could go with this pretty pink hat, but we think if your daughter really is a little princess, she'd make an adorable Kate Middleton for Halloween. 

    Hot Pink Rosette Fascinator, $40, available at


    It's the Cat's Pajamas 

    Cheers to a cute black cat costume that isn't unlucky! Comes with handmade black cat ears and a black tutu skirt with removable white boa tail. 

    Black Cat Costume, $30.50, available at


    Prince Adorable 

    He may burp at the dinner table or take off his pants in public, but in this sweet Prince Phillip costume (remember Sleeping Beauty?) he'll be a classy little prince. Matching crown available separately ($20). 

    Prince Phillip Cape, $30, available at


    Social Butterfly 

    These glittery wings are super durable and won't crack if bent. And while we love this red, gold and bright robin’s egg blue, you can have a custom pair made in just about any color combo imaginable. 

    Butterfly Wings, $50, available at


    We're Hooked 

    Your little one is sure to find some treasure while trick-or-treating in this sweet pirate girl tunic and bloomers set. Matching sets available for little pirate brothers, too! 

    (Pirate Girl Tunic, $39.50, available at

  • Cape-tastic 

    For the kid who can't decide if she wants to be Super Cupcake Girl or Protector of Horses, this double-sided cape will make dress-up twice the fun. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns, like stars, shields, jewels, initials (and of course, cupcakes and horses.) 

    Double-Sided Superhero Cape, $24, available at


    You've Got Sunshine 

    This sunny baby cap will put a smile on anybody's face. (Even on a cloudy day.) 

    Crocheted sunflower hat, $42, available at


    Easy Being Green

     Contrary to what Kermit the Frog once said, it is easy being green—at least in this sweet frog hat and diaper cover. Perfect for a Halloween costume or baby’s first photo session.

    Baby Frog Hat & Diaper Cover, $35, available at


    Tutu Cute for Words 

    This sweet tutu is for good witches only. We love the classic satin hat (with glitter) and the fact that it comes with its own trick-or-treating sack. 

    Witch Tutu, $49, available at


    It's a Bird, It's a Plane... 

    You already knew you were Supermom, and here's your chance to tell the world. (Or at least the other trick-or-treaters.) Also available for all of the Superdads out there, too! 

    Superhero Mom Cape, $34, available at

  • Etsy

    Tater Tot

    Your babe's so adorable, he even looks cute in a burlap sack! Prove it with this totally unique bag of potatoes costume. You can even put your baby's name and weight on the front to double the cuteness. Don't worry about itchy material; it looks like burlap but it's actually made from super-soft material. (And of course, don't make the drawstring around the neck too tight.)

    Sack of Taters Costume, $45, available at Taters Mom

  • Etsy

    Babies Gone Viking

    Is your baby hair-challenged? Problem solved! This soft fleece Viking helmet with lovely, long blonde locks will bring out your baby's inner Norseman. Helmet can be ordered sans braids, or even made in purple (for all you Minnesota Vikings fans.)

    Viking Baby Hairdo Hat, $17.95, available at The Green Hedgehog

  • Etsy

    What's Up, Small Fry?

    If your two favorite things on this earth are 1) Your baby and 2) french fries, then you're in luck with these deliciously adorable overalls, which combine both. Girlify this outfit by ordering with elastic and ruffles around the legs.

    French Fry Overalls, $39.50, available at Rae Gun

  • Kind of Corny

    What's Halloween without candy corn? Let your kid bring the sweetness with this fun felt costume. ($27)

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  • Etsy

    Attack of the Claw!

    The costume possibilities for these creepy gloves are endless -- they're just begging for your kid to slip them on and start growling. Each sparkly nail is backed with a piece of sturdy wool felt, so the gloves will last through Halloween, hours of playtime, and beyond.

    Gloves with Nails, $13, available at Snippet Fairy

  • Etsy


    It's a shame to spend money on something that can only be worn once -- but this knitted dragon cap will look cute on baby's head all winter long.

    Dragon Hat, $32, available at Pedestrian

  • Etsy


    We love the homemade look of this crocheted Frankenstein hat. Just pair with shredded brown tee and pants, and the costume's complete.

    Frankenstein Hat, $22.99, available at nmelone13

  • Etsy

    I Scream, You Scream

    All dressed up for Halloween -- with a cherry on top! This sweet -- in both senses of the word -- costume is padded, super comfy, and reminds us of yummy sundaes at the ice-cream shop. ($32)

    Ice Cream Costume, $36, available at Laurie's Gift

  • At the Hop

    Our favorite poodle skirts are poofy enough for your girly-girl, but an elastic waistband gives them a comfy, flexible fit. Let's twist! ($24.99)

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  • Magic Dragon

    This dragon's way too cute to even think about slaying. It makes a perfect accompaniment to a sibling princess or fairy tale costume, too. ($28)

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  • Etsy

    Shark Bite

    Shark's are frightening in the water but not-so-scary (and even kind of huggable) when they arrive on doorsteps, ready to trick or treat.

    Shark, $38, available at Laurie's Gift 

  • Etsy


    Not only will your baby look freakin' adorable, she'll be free to run and play in this easy-to-wear onesie. Just be sure nobody comes and eats her up!

    Sushi Costume, $50, available from Not the Kitchen Sink

  • Pebbles

    The only thing that would make this tiny Flinstones inspired costume cuter would be a felt bone hair clip. Oh wait -- it comes with that? Awesome! ($30)

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  • Etsy

    Little Bo Peep

    This super sweet dress is perfect for Halloween or endless dress-up sessions. The little pants underneath the dress make the outfit extra unique.

    Little Bo Peep Costume, $70, available at Bella Jean Boutique

  • Etsy


    Dogs need Halloween tricks and treats too, and this weirdly awesome costume will make him the coolest pooch on the block.

    Glow in the Dark Catepillar Dog Costume, $52, available at Hatz 4 Brats