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Cute Craft Templates

  • Jarvis Oxley

    Personalized Door Tag

    1. Trace this sign's templates onto card stock. Use scissors to cut out the shapes. Arrange them on a 5 by 6-inch thin wooden craft board. Use a glue stick to adhere the shapes to the sign. Let dry.

    2. Press alphabet-letter stamps onto an ink pad and firmly stamp your child's name on the sign. Let dry.

    3. Cover the sign with a thin coat of Mod Podge (a finishing adhesive). Let dry.

    4. Place a ruler at the top of the sign. Find the 2- and 4-inch locations, and mark them lightly with a pencil. Measure 1/4 inch below each spot, and draw marks there.

    5. Mom: Lay the sign on a cutting board. Place the tip of a sharp, pointy paring knife on one of the pencil marks. Apply pressure, and twist to make a hole in the wood. Flip the board over; on the indentation, twist the point of the knife to widen the hole—it should be wide enough to see light through.

    6. Insert a sharpened pencil, and twist. This will make the hole a little bigger. Repeat this process with the other pencil mark to make the second hole.

    7. Cut the ends of a 1-foot piece of ribbon so they're pointy (a 90-degree angle). From the back, thread one end of the ribbon into one hole and the second into the other, pulling taut in back. Tie a knot in the ribbon, and hang on your child's door.

    Download the Personalized Door Tag Template

    All materials for this project can be found at local crafts stores.

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  • Parenting

    Butterfly Sun Catcher

    1. With a pencil, trace a butterfly stencil onto two 8 1/2 by 11-inch pieces of blue card stock.

    2. Using scissors, cut out the butterfly shape from both pieces of card stock. (Save the second cutout for the end.)

    3. Cut a piece of yellow cellophane (found at crafts stores) into an 8 by 10-inch rectangle; it will need to cover both wings. Use a glue stick to attach the cellophane to the back of one of the butterfly cutouts.

    4. Cut out two 3 by 7-inch ovals of orange cellophane. Place one on the outside half of each wing, and glue into place.

    5. Cut sixteen 2 3/4 by 1/4-inch strips of red cellophane (eight for each butterfly wing) and two circles (2 inches in diameter). Layer the strips on the circles in a spoke-wheel shape, and glue onto the yellow cellophane.

    6. Cut twenty 1/2-inch squares in two shades of green.

    7. Now turn the sun catcher over and work on the front. Decorate the upper wings by layering the green squares; glue into place.

    8. Using the butterfly stencil, cut out the body shape from purple cellophane and glue onto center of the butterfly so it overlaps both the paper and the wings.

    9. Place the second butterfly cutout on the back of the first. Glue together, making sure the two cutouts align.

    10. Tape the sun catcher to a window.

    Download Butterfly Suncatcher Craft Template

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  • Jon Whittle

    Styling in the Rain

    Everyone needs a fun umbrella to make downpours a little less gloomy.

    1. Set your iron to the “synthetics” temperature, and iron fusible web, like Heat-n-bond Ultrahold Fusible Web, to the back of the waterproof fabric (like PUL fabric) you’ll be using for raindrops. You’ll need about ¹/6 yard of each color of fabric.

    2. Once they’re fused together, have your kid draw raindrops on the paper side of the fusible web. (Click for raindrop template). Cut raindrops out with scissors.

    3. Open and hang the umbrella from an ironing board so you’re working on a firm surface when you iron.

    4. Peel the paper backing off the raindrops and place the drops on the umbrella. Cover each raindrop with clean paper, and iron for about 5 seconds.

    5. After ironing the front, flip the umbrella and iron the inside.

    Printable Sesame Street Coloring Pages
    Fun Ways to Play with Paint
    Crafts and Activities for All Seasons

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  • Jon Whittle

    Mod Owl Craft


    1. Take a 6 by 6-inch piece of plywood (found at crafts stores) and use sandpaper to smooth, if needed.

    2. Draw shapes on scrapbook paper with a pencil. (Click for owl and robot templates—but don't be shy to create your own design!)

    3. Cut out the shapes using scissors.

    4. Arrange your pieces and lay papers on the wood until it's how you want it to look. Layering paper is encouraged!

    5. Remove paper shapes and apply a base layer of Mod Podge (a glue, sealer, and finish in one) on the wood. Note: It goes on white and dries clear.

    6. Place your design pieces on the wood. Mod Podge each layer; smooth bubbles out with your finger.

    7. Apply an even layer of Mod Podge on top of everything to seal. Drying time depends on how thickly you've coated your art.

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