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Freaky Fliers

  • * Paint a wooden clothespin black; let dry.

    * Cut out bat wings from black posterboard, bend each to add dimension, as shown, and glue them to the clothespin.

    * Glue the pointed ends of a toothpick to the clothespin for fangs, then glue on a black mini-pom-pom for the face and mini-google eyes.

  • * Draw a face with marker on white mini-pumpkin (or white gourd).
    * Pierce the bottom of pumpkin with a tongue depressor and insert an inch or two for handle.
    * Drape pumpkin with a few layers of cheesecloth or gauze. Tie around neck with string, as shown.

    Whoo! Owl (bottom)
    * Glue large pom-pom on flat end of a mini-ear of Indian corn for a head.
    * Glue 2 acorn caps to pom-pom for eyes.
    * For a beak, fold a small triangle of construction paper in half and glue it between the eyes.
    * Glue 2 acorn caps to bottom of corn for claws.
    * Glue 3 feathers to sides and back for wings.

  • * Paint a paper cup black; let dry.

    * Cut two wings out of black construction paper, bend as shown, and glue to cup's sides. From the same piece of paper, cut a circle with two triangles on top for the bat's head. Glue a black pom-pom to the circle, then glue it to cup for the head. Glue on google eyes. Let dry.

    * Add a few beans, dried pasta, or pennies to the cup. Cover the top of the cup with a circle of black construction paper; glue paper to rim of cup.