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Super-Fun Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

  • krisnations

    State Pride

    Know a mom who's a California Girl or who loves her home state? These state necklaces are cut from recycled metal and make a great conversation piece.

    State Pride Necklaces, $48 at



    Get Puzzled

    So your friend's obsessed with Sudoku? Don't call her a nerd, get her the perfect gift—this marble game will give her brain a heckuva workout and even looks pretty on the coffee table. (Skip it if she has a baby or toddler; the marbles are a choking hazard.)

    ColorKu, $34.99 at


    Stamp This!

    If her cookies are the bomb, she'll love trade marking them with her own "Home Made" cookie stamper. Take that, packaged Chips Ahoy!

    "Home Made" Cookie Stamper, $20 at


    Happy Feet

    Everyone loves foot massages, but if she doesn't have time to spend at the spa, she'll be tickled by this tiny foot spa kit, complete with pumice stones and a nail brush, all in a cute little fabric box. Just tie a bow around it, and your gift is good to go.

    Spa Kit, $20 at


    Precious Jewels

    The beautiful (and affordable!) jewelry at 1928 Jewelry just got personal. Upload a photo of her kiddo to be set in this toggle necklace, and you know she'll keep it close to her heart.

    Silver Crystal Toggle Necklace, $31 at


    Top Chef

    Whether she whips up five-course meals or mac ‘n’ cheese from a box, she'll like this pretty little apron. Cooking is way more fun when you look like a million bucks! Print out your favorite recipe and attach it to the card, or tie a pretty spoon to the ribbon to make your gift complete.

    Jitterbug Apron, $32 at

  • Disney

    Pixie Dusting
    Who else but your girlfriend would buy you a shimmering scent inspired by Tinkerbelle? Made of citrus sorbet, candied fruits and summer rain, it’s a light and sweet fragrance—and something fun she’d never buy for herself.

    Pixie Dust, $24.50 at


    When Kids Say The Darnedest Things
    If you know a mom who has a kid full of one-liners and hilarious zingers (who doesn't?!), get her a Quotable Kid journal. It's one of the only gifts that can serve as a lasting memory that her kid wants to be a Dolphin-asaurus Fireman when he grows up.

    Quotable Kid Journal, $14.95 at


    Music Branches

    You and your pal share the same taste in music? Share this -- a cute, branch-y audio splitter will let you both rock out together on a walk or over a cup of coffee. She can use it with her kids too!

    Tree-t for Your Ears Headphone Splitter from

  • Photos to Art Portrait

    Have a great snap of you two that deserves a little extra attention? Turn it into wall art. Upload a photo to and they'll print it on a high-quality canvas. When she hangs it in her house, she'll have a reminder of a fab time, and her amazing, thoughtful friend (that'd be you.)

    Photos to Art from, starting at $29.99

  • Let's Take the Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell

    "It's an old, old story: I had a friend and we shared everything, and then she died and so we shared that, too," begins Gail Caldwell in her book Let's Take the Long Way Home. In it she documents her friendship with fellow writer Caroline Knapp in a funny, honest way, that reminds us of our own friendships, and makes us appreciate them a little more.

    Let's Take the Long Way Home from, $23

  • Artist Circle Cosmetic Case Set

    Celebrate peace, nature -- and friendship -- with this cute cosmetic case set. They're perfect for stashing in a diaper bag, but are chic enough to carry around as a clutch, too.

    Artist Circle Cosmetic Case Set from, $34


    Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate

    This frozen hot chocolate is so addictive, she may not want to share, even with her kids -- or her BFF!

    Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate from, $23

  • Maptote Mini Tote

    If you and your pal have traveled together, see if you can find one of your fave cities on It'll remind her of your fun girls trip even if these days she's sticking closer to home.

    Maptote Mini Tote from, $20


    Best Friend Bracelets

    We love this grown-up version of the classic friendship bracelet, and this set is almost as unique as your bond. Best part? You get a gift, too!

    Best Friend Bracelets from, $48

  • Chit Chat Cards

    Tell her to plop these chit chat cards on her coffee table, and hilarious, interesting convos will never be far away. They ask thought-provoking questions (like "what act of kindness have you done that nobody knows about?") that'll get the party started every time. They're great for getting kids to open up too.

    Chit Chat Cards from, $35


    Ditty Bag

    Here's a pretty bag she can tote almost anything in -- makeup, lunch or even a handful of Legos. It's lined with plastic, so leaks aren't a big deal.


    Ditty Bags from, $28

  • Peppermint Bark Duo

    She loves eating peppermint bark, so why not bathing with it? She'll thank you out loud in the shower every time she uses this almost good-enough-to-eat all-in-one shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. She can bring the yummyness everywhere she goes with the matching lip gloss.


    Peppermint Bark Duo from, $18

  • Monkey Bottle Caddy

    She might be drowning in Matchbox cars these days, but she's still the gal who loves her glass (or two) of vino. To jazz up a less than award-winning bottle of wine, try the Wine Monkey -- the funniest way to present her with a Chianti.

    Wine Monkey from, $9.99


    Celebrations Candle

    Candles are always a nice gift, but think of a silly inside joke or message to customize this lasts-forever two-wick Celebration Candle, and your gift will stand out from the rest. Pick out the color, icon, and ink color, too; the ivory ceramic tray is included.


    Celebration Candle from, $19.99


    PB&J Pillow Set

    If the two of you just go together like, you know, peanut butter and jelly, she'll get a kick out of these funky pillows, perfect for adding a playful touch to the family room.


    Made for Eachother Pillow Set from, $55

  • French Tampon Case

    This one's for your friend who seems to make everything glamorous -- it's a tres chic tampon holder with vintage charm.

    French Tampon Cases from, $30


    Loaded Questions: Adult Party

    This version of Loaded Questions is a littler racier than the original, but the (awesome) premise is the same: you and your friends anonymously answer questions like "What television show would you watch if it included full nudity?", and then guess who answered what. It's a great way to get to know your friends even better (after the kids have gone to bed), and you'll probably be rolling on the floor laughing doing it.

    Loaded Questions: Adult Party from, $24.99


    Pocket Posh Word Scrimmage

    If she fears the Wiggles are slowly turning her mind to mush, she'll think it's hilarious to get a book of brain-boosting puzzles. Plus, they come bound in a cute, toteable book that'll fit perfectly in her purse.


    Pocket Posh Word Scrimmage from, $7.99


    Big Baggu

    If you can't always be there to give her a hand, you can do the next best thing by giving her this really, really big preppy-cute re-usable shopping bag which folds down into a compact little square. It's large enough for her stuff, her kids' stuff, and even her kids' friends' stuff.

    Big Baggu from, $13

  • Lip Elixirs

    If you're both always game for mommy cocktails, she'll love these kicked-up lip glosses in chocolate martini, mojito, mimosa, sassafras, and vanilla bourbon. They're like a guilt-free happy hour, any time of the day.

    Lip Elixirs from, $6.50