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11 Portable Snacks

  • Brian Hagiwara

    The pool, the park, the road: These totally totable treats are made with summer fun in mind.

  • New School

    Some new fish are swimming into town: These cookielike guys have a pleasant vanilla flavor that doesn't overwhelm. Vanilla Goldfish Grahams; $2.19

  • Rice, Rice Baby

    We're loving these crispy treats because they're made with brown rice and sweetened with chocolate milk. EnviroKidz Crispy Rice Bar; $3.59 for six

  • To-Go Gurt

    This creamy yogurt doesn't require refrigeration, so you can take it out for a picnic or pack it up for an extended day of beach-blanket bingo, baby. Gerber Graduates Yogurt Blends in Mixed Berry; $2.99 for four

  • Heart-y Nosh

    Let us count the ways we love you: flax, sunflower seeds, oats, quinoa, soy. They're tortillas that have it all -- and kids'll be none the wiser. FoodShouldTasteGood Multigrain; $4.99 for six

  • Star Power

    Multitasking John Tesh has a new food line, including these bars with healthy whole-grain steel-cut oats. In this smaller kids' size, they're just right for grab-and-go eating. Intelligence for Your Life Kids Steel Cut Oat Bars; $19.08 for 12

  • Brian Hagiwara

    Boing Boing

    Add this fruit puree to yogurt -- or let your toddler squeeze it right into his mouth. Fakey "fruit snacks" can't even compare! Peter Rabbit Organics Mango, Banana and Orange Fruit Snack; $1.79

  • Zippity Food-Da

    Sweet, crunchy apples, cheddar cubes, and grapes are served up in some very familiar ears. Go to to download activity sheets for building "bugs" out of the snacks! Disney Garden Foodles; $2.50

  • Clifhanger

    There's no way to be quiet while eating this crunchy granola bar, which has 18 grams of whole grains. White Chocolate Macadamia Clif Crunch Bar; $3.99 for five

  • Sunny Disposition

    Meet our favorite new packaged snack: tasty sunflower seed-and-grain nuggets that are a healthy alternative to chips and crackers. Each serving has seven grams of protein, thanks to the seeds. Somersaults in Santa Fe Salsa; $1.99

  • Any Way You Slice It

    Dipping makes eating raw fruits and veggies more fun. Pick up these packaged apples that lure kids with a small tub of caramel sauce. Crunch Pak Sweet Apple Slices with Low Fat Caramel; $1

  • Barney Song

    These neat packets are filled with 90 calories of almond butter, made from California nuts by a Fresno mompreneur. Grab a pear or an apple, then squeeze the butter right onto the slices. It's genius -- and peanut-free. Barney Butter; $9.79 for 24