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Beautiful Pregnant Belly Paintings


    Wonderful Wizard of Oz

    Melissa Casarez, Lowell, MA

    We love Melissa's artistic depiction of the classic scene from The Wizard of Oz.



    Sarah Lingwall, West Valley City, UT
    Sarah's burgeoning belly helped her hatch a plan to paint her tummy as the famous fairy-tale egg.


    Bowl of Fruit

    Marigold Haske, Santa Ana, CA
    Marigold's belly is a wonderfully-styled classic oil painting-- with lots of painstaking detail.


    Buddha Belly

    Julie Kukreja, Algonquin, IL
    Every mom-to-be hopes her baby will be serene and easygoing -- looks like those thoughts were channeled into Julie's belly painting!


    Officer Mom

    Chrystal Steffen, Oak Lawn, IL
    Looks like this baby-to-be is going to get an early start on discipline-- Mom's already got the rule-maker role down pat.


    Ready for Landing

    Stacy Landis, Ft. Wayne, IN
    By the looks of mom's belly, Stacy's baby-to-be is coming in for a landing very shortly...


    Creative Self-Expression

    Julie Goduto-Hogan, Lombard, IL
    Not only is Julie's abstract belly art vivid and visually arresting, but she painted her own belly-- unassisted!


    Stork's Delivery

    Ginger Patchin, Las Vegas, NV
    Ginger's belly pays homage to the most-recognized symbol of childbirth, the stork, making a much-anticipated delivery.


    A Take on Disney

    Kristen Fowles, West Columbia, SC
    Hats off to Kristen's rendition of two Disney character favorites, Baby Pooh and his buddy Piglet.


    Say Cheese

    Karen Meagher, 29, San Marcos, CA

    Karen sat still for nearly two hours while her husband, an engineer, painted a mouth and crafted sunglasses out of cardboard for her bump.


    Special Delivery

    Amy Mullins, 34, Elkton, MD

    Amy's belly painting shows a baby cute and chubby with big blue eyes. And she painted just in time; baby Rachel arrived 10 days after the photo was taken.


    Egg-cellent Surprise

    Megan Redmond, 19, Houma, LA

    Megan's mother came up with the idea of the Easter egg she painted on her daughter's belly the day before Easter. Two days later, the egg hatched: Connor was born, a healthy, 9.96-pound Easter treat!


    Home Run

    Jennifer Ranieri Crandall, 28, Franklin, MA

    Longtime Red Sox fans Jennifer and her husband, Kyle, decided to honor their beloved team for the first game of the 2004 World Series. Jennifer proudly showed off her painted belly throughout the night and a few weeks later, a brand-new Red Sox fan was born.


    Keep Swimming

    Cynthia Parache-Brito, 32, East Elmhurst, NY

    Cynthia's adorable fishbowl belly has our hearts swimming in joy.



    Natalie Terry, Nampa, Idaho!

    This sweet fish bowl--and belly--holds one very special occupant.


    Snow Globe Belly

    Kathy, Connecticut

    Kathy celebrated her second pregnancy with her husband's painting of a winter wonderland on her belly bump.


    Pumpkin Belly

    Sandra, Texas

    Sandra painted a jack-o-lantern for her special pumpkin all by herself.


    Baby & iPod Belly

    Elizabeth, Arizona


    Hands & Henna Belly

    Brooke, Idaho

    "When pregnant with my third child, I had a professional henna artist paint my belly wih henna, then had a good friend take some pictures for us."


    Mother Earth Belly

    Annie, Vermont

    "I was 6 months pregnant last Halloween, and my belly was poppin'! I work at a nursing home and we always have a big Halloween party. Both our residents and staff always dress up. I decided to paint my belly like a globe and go as "Mother Earth." It was a huge hit with our patients and my coworkers (and of course everyone wanted to touch the world)."


    My Pod Belly

    Shannon, North Carolina

    "My husband and I are having twin boys and decided to paint two peas in a pod on my belly to show that I had two little ones in there!"


    Whale Belly

    Sara, Pennsylvania

    "When I was a kid, I saw a TV show of a mother whale swimming with her baby. I guess the image has always stuck with me!"


    Flower Child

    Laura, Pennsylvania


    Safari Belly

    Maria, Florida

    Maria's safari-themed belly painting drives us wild!


    Tropical Belly

    Natalie, Ohio


    Toddler-Designed Belly

    Sara, Washington

    "One afternoon I was tired, and my 2 year old daughter wasn't. So, I had her draw a picture for her soon to be baby brother on my belly. I got a belly massage and rest whilst she got to be energetic and tell him her first remarks on being an older sibling."


    Henna Tree Belly

    Heidi, Idaho


    Bird Belly

    Justine, Hawaii

    "The painting is a picture of a bird which signifies my daugther's name Ava. We wanted to put something on my belly that had meaning to my husband and I."


    Henna Design Belly

    Kristiana, California


    Moon & Stars Belly

    Amy, Colorado


    Pomegranate Belly

    Soheyla, Utah

    "Our baby was so fussy when he was in my belly. He wouldn't let me eat anything, almost everything made me sick for the whole 9 months. The one thing he loved was pomegranates! I had to eat a pomegranate almost every day to keep this baby happy. Pomegranate season was over and I still had a few months left before he was born so all of my family was looking for pomegranates in the health food store, buying pomegranate juice, and even my friends in England offered to send me pomegranates from there because they still had them in season. So we decided to paint my belly as a pomegranate because he loved them so much!"

    Soheyla, Utah


    Baby Face Belly

    Shannon, CA

    "I decided to have my belly painted for my baby shower invitations. I had a face painter paint it for me and I had my youngest son (Levi) with me at the time. The face painter decided to paint a kind of look a like of Levi. She ended up doing the flowers on it which kind of made it look like a girl theme -- six months later we were surprised with our first baby girl, Layla!"


    Beach Ball Belly

    Caroline, South Carolina

  • Pink Baby Face Belly

    Emily, Indiana


    Obama Belly
    Martha, Illinois

    "My daughter Hannah, 5, holds the H, son Eli, 4, holds the E, husband Jeremy holds the P (for our last name, Paschke)!"


    Christmas Baby Belly

    Kimberly, Illinois

    "The baby was late and since we were getting inquiries as to the arrival, we decided to use these photos for our Christmas cards to let everyone know yep, we're still waiting. Her three sisters went with the "do you hear what I you hear anything?" theme."


    Floral Belly

    Anik, Connecticut


    Peacock Belly

    Sherilynn, Ontario CA

    "This is a lucky peacock henna painting! The henna is all natural, no chemicals and lasted about 2 1/2 weeks!"


    Blue Baby Belly

    Tammy, Pennsylvania

    "These are supposed to be God's hands holding the baby, Psalm 139:13-14a, "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."