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Sesame Street March 2010 Coloring Pages

  • Crash, Clang, Boom!

    Elmo loves to play the drums. Rap-a-tap-tap! Tap out your own rhythm. Then color the picture.

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  • Be Your Own Band

    Zoe's friend learned how to make music without any instruments at all. Follow the pictures to make music. Then make up your own rhythms!

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  • Monster Music

    I, cute, furry blue Grover, am making music with my Sesame friends. Sometimes we play very softly. But now we are playing very loudly!

    Point to the objects that make loud noises. Now point to the ones that make soft noises. Which things can make loud and soft noises?

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  • Can You Kazoo?

    You can hum along with Grover and Prairie Dawn. What tune will you play with your kazoo?

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  • March 2010

    Celebrate March with music! Sing the birthday song to Big Bird or make up your own spring song. Find some objects around your home to use as instruments, such as spoons or an empty oatmeal box.

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