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Star Wars Christmas Gifts


    Dinner Duel

    One surefire way to get a kid to eat his veggies? Give him these fun light saber chopsticks. 

    Chop Sabers, $6.49 - $8.99, available at


    Luke, I am Your Earbud

    Crank up the John Williams with Storm Trooper or Darth Vader earbuds. Plus: there's a microphone hidden in the character helmet so you can use them with your phone to give commands to destroy the Death Star...or just catch up with your friends.

    Star Wars Earbuds, $19.99, available at


    Darth Vader's Guide to Fatherhood

    What if Darth Vader had been a more present father for Luke? This funny book hilariously imagines how the iconic villain would navigate the life of a parent, including take your child to work day and trick-or-treating. 

    Darth Vader and Son, $8.29, available at

  • KnitnutbyJL

    Hang on to Your Hat

    R2 is diminutive and spunky, kind of like your little guy, who will love this witty knit cap.

    Crochet Baby R2D2 Hat, $15, availble from


    Lil' Jedi

    Get them hooked early with these cute onesies, which feature baby versions of Vader, Leia and more.

    Star Wars onesies, $20, available at


    See the Light

    When Darth Vader tells you it’s time to get up for school, you best not hit the snooze button. This combo lamp/alarm clock/MP3 player packs a style punch while being practical too.

    Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clock Lamp, $49.99, available at


    Starry Sleep

    Does your kid eat, breathe and sleep Star Wars? Help with the sleep part by bedding down with these 200-threadcount cotton sheets, starring Luke, Leia, and other characters from the vintage trilogy.

    Star Wars Sheeting, $69 for twin sheet set, available at


    The Force is Strong With This One

    Your little Jedi can channel Han Solo cockiness with this comfy-cool tee.

    Trust Me I’m a Jedi T-shirt, $13, available at


    Hot Potato

    This is the droid you’re looking for! Mr. Potato Head gets a galactic twist with this R2D2 model.

    Artoo-Potatoo Mr. Potato Head, $21, available at


    Deep Freeze

    Cool: an ice pop. Extra cool? An ice pop transformed into a light saber with this clever cozy, which also solves the problem of freezing little fingers.

    Light Saber Popsicle Cozy, $7 for set of 2, available at


    All Ears

    Wear every day, your child will! This homemade cap is an instant conversation-starter.

    Yoda, This Hat Is, $20, available at


    By the Book

    It’s no Jedi mind trick—just amazing scanimation technology that makes it looks like the characters in the book are moving.

    Star Wars: A Scanimation Book, $10.17, available at


    Tie In

    For a cheapo stocking stuffer, pop in these shoelaces designed to add a touch of the force to any plain pair of shoes.

    Star Wars Darth Vader Join the Dark Side Shoelaces, $5, available at


    Helmet Head

    Kick dress-up up a notch with this realistic-looking helmet, complete with sound effects and light-up antenna.

    Boba Fett Electronic Helmet, $29, available at


    Making Dough

    Make a push-out light saber or character molds with this Play-Doh set, then hide it away in the R2 carrying case.

    Play-doh Star Wars Playset, $20.95, available at


    Wall Space

    The iconic scrolling intro text makes cool wall art, serving as an intro to all sorts of make-believe adventures.

    Star Wars A Long Time Ago Vinyl Wall Decal, $24, available at


    Uncommon Cold

    Darth Vader and Yoda keep food fresh and cool until lunchtime. Available in Batman shapes too!

    Character Cold Packs, $7 for set of 2, available at


    Stay Tuned

    Whether his music taste runs to John Williams (composer of the Star Wars scores) or something more current, tunes sound better when blasted from this player festooned with a scene from Clone Wars.

    Star Wars CD Player, $26, available at


    In a Lather

    You won’t have to nag him about hand-washing once you pop these novelty soaps in the bathroom.

    Darkside Set of 10 Soaps, $13.80, available at


    Fuel Up

    Even intergalactic heroes need to stop for lunch. Polyethylene foam insulation keeps food cool, while the intimidating image on the front keeps cookie thieves away.

    Star Wars Helmet Lunch Kit, $15, available at


    This Little Yoda

    Size matters not, so get your little Jedi started early with these Yoda soft-soled baby shoes.

    Robeez Soft Soles Yoda, $28, available at


    Feel the Force

    Jump right into a light saber fight or a pod race with this remote-free action game for the Kinect Xbox 360 console.

    Kinect Star Wars, $50, available at


    Anyone’s Guess

    This process-of-elimination guessing game, appropriate for kindergarteners and up, is a who’s who of Star Wars characters, both old and new.

    Guess Who Star Wars, $31, available at


    Sweet Buns

    Who wouldn’t want to find the double side buns in their Christmas stocking? This wee Princess Leia figure comes with a blaster; not intended for kids under 3 due to small parts.

    LEGO Star Wars Mini Figure, $8, available at


    In Print

    The Empire Strikes Back gets the graphic treatment with this chic mid-century-style print. It can be customized in any color scheme you wish.

    Star Wars Movie Poster Print, $19, available at



    Back in Black

    He’s got Darth Vader in his cubby with this rugged, personalized pack with special pockets for a laptop or MP3 player.

    Star Wars Backpacks, $39.50 – $45.50, available at