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Best Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas


    Sure, your kids don't need a life-size gingerbread house -- but isn't it cool? Check out these unusual Christmas gifts that range from totally out-there to a stroke of "That's just what I'm looking for!" brilliance.


    Dads, want to know what new moms really want? This cheeky book is full of those fantasies (Hint, hint): Cute dads doing household chores and changing diapers, with great one-liners like, "Remember, it's my turn to do the midnight feeding, so don't get up!" Now that's dreamy.

    Porn for New Moms from, $12



    Look closely at the picture: Yep, there's an actual kid inside the gingerbread house. It's life-size -- 6'6" high and made of 381 pounds of gingerbread and 517 pounds of icing -- and totally edible (read: every kid's dream). Of course it's way out there on your list of gifts, and your kid will be just as happy decorating a mini version, but isn't it fun to think of eating your way through it?

    Edible Gingerbread Playhouse from, $15,000


    Up a Wall

    How do those superheros scale buildings? They might use these rubber suction cups that are straight out of a comic book. Kids can actually use these to suction their way up a wall (they support up to 80 pounds). 

    Strong Vacuum Suction Cups by, $18.50


    Home Game

    Forget a cozy recliner -- hard-core baseball fans can get the bona fide ballgame experience at home with original seats from the old Yankees stadium. The seats are the same ones many a fan cheered from, right down to the seat numbers (two small changes: they've been mounted to stand upright, and the armrests had a fresh paint job). The seats also come with a letter from the New York Yankees to ensure authenticity.

    The Authentic Yankee Stadium Seats from, $1,500


    Cute to Boot

    No traditional, pastel-y baby togs here; this dragon hat and booty set has bite. The steeper price is thanks to the hand-crafting done in Bolivia, and the 100% alpaca wool material. When winter's over, keep it handy for dress-up -- or Halloween!

    Oeuf Dragon Hat and Matching Booties from, $68 for small (includes hat and booties), $46 for large (hat only)


    Open Up a Can of Omnipotence

    You've already got your mommy sixth sense, but wouldn't the ability to be all-knowing be awesome too? You're in luck: With this one-gallon can of Omnipotence, you'll be able to understand how the dryer eats socks, successfully explain to your toddler why gummi bears do not qualify as dinner and teach your fourth-grader the details of long division.

    Okay, so maybe this gift won't give you that, but it'll be a good laugh for super-moms who already do it all.

    Omnipotence by, $12


    It's a Mad World

    Mad for Mad Men? This book on the show's '60s setting shares fascinating details on the era's history and fads, plus cocktail recipes (and a Joan paper doll!).

    Illustrated World of Mad Men from, $15


    Castle on a Cloud

    You've got a kid in full princess mode -- and here's her ultimate fantasy bed. The turrets, hand-painted with Sleeping Beauty-style foliage and woodland creatures, flank her slumber area. The stairs on the left lead up to a play area above -- with a slide down on the right. Your daughter won't fight bedtime with this fairy tale bed (which also boasts a fantasy price -- a cool $22K!).

    Woodland Princess Castle Bunk Bed from, $22,605


    It's Elementary

    Every kid has ABC blocks, but how many have chemistry blocks? These nerdy-cool wooden blocks are decked out with science's version of the alphabet: The periodic table. They're for ages two and up, so you can get your kid started young with this cerebral set of building blocks.

    Periodic Table Building Blocks from, $39.99


    Lifetime Supply

    Want to be Mom of the Year? This giant gumball machine will make you #1 with a bullet in your kid's eyes. How fun is this? The 7-foot-tall sugar-dispensing monolith holds more 14,000 gumballs (included with the machine) -- plenty for Mom and Dad too!

    The 14,450 Gumball Machine from, $3,900


    For the Record

    Coasters can easily slip into ho-hum gift land, so we were happy to find this cooler, edgier version. The coasters are recycled from original labels on old LP records, so they're all unique, and make a quirky gift for any music lover.

    Record Coasters from, $20 for 6


    Mother Goose 2.0

    Got a kid who's super into math and science? They'll geek out over The Space Child's Mother Goose, which gives traditional tales like Little Bo Peep a science spin that kids and adults can enjoy. Here's an excerpt:

    Little Bo Peep
    Has lost her sheep
    The radar has failed to find them.
    They'll all, face to face,
    Meet in parallel space,
    Preceding their leaders behind them.

    The Space Child's Mother Goose from, $13.99


    Bicycle Built for Three

    This luxe tricycle is built pedicab-style, but with quite a few bells and whistles, from the plush Tory Burch styling to the clean-energy electric engine that propels the tricycle when the biker gets tired. Wouldn't it be great to buzz your block in this sweet ride?

    Tory Burch Family Chariot Electric Tricycle from, $4,500


    621 Down, 432 Across

    For your crossword-lover in your life, we bet The World's Largest Crossword Puzzle will beat out the usual crossword-a-day desk calendar. And "World's Largest" is a literal claim: at 7' x 7', with 28,000 clues and 91,000 squares, it holds a Guinness World Record.

    The World's Largest Crossword Puzzle from, $29.95


    Light the Way 

    Mini-explorers will get a kick out of this head light, because it's exactly what they picture real explorers wearing. It's great for play time, camping, or just reading under the covers at night.

    Light the Way by, $6.95



    Waffles in the DVD player? Check. This tongue-in-cheek tee gently pokes fun at kids who can get mighty creative with electronics -- thus voiding their warranties. It's a just-for-fun gift idea for the pint-sized tinkerer in your life.

    "I void warranties" T-shirt from, $12.99