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12 Weirdest Christmas Traditions Ever

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    Bottom's Up, Santa

    "I left Santa beer and cookies when I was little. Yeah thanks, Dad! I thought that Santa liked beer; I didn't know that the traditional beverage to leave him was milk. Now my kids and I just leave milk." -Melissa Harris

  • Singing Santas

    "A group of guys in the neighborhood dress up as Santa or elves and go caroling (singing their own versions of Christmas carols). The women hang out together and when the guys get back we have a big chili feast! It's always a fun time and a plastic Santa or reindeer always ends up in a tree somewhere!" -Sandy Bell

  • Christmas Goes Tropical

    "We lived with my Grandpa for the first five years of our marriage and he always decorated the tree. We wanted something that was ours so we purchased a pineapple and decorated it with mini lights and ornaments. Now we always have a Christmas Pineapple. I also have a big karaoke machine that I bust out and we all sing Christmas karaoke carols together." -Jacklyn Robelto

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    Christmas Special

    "We are always full but every Christmas we go to Denny's at like 12am. It's a weird group in there then, and funny to watch." -Jackie Scott

  • Christmas Dance Party

    "Put old 45 records on the stereo and dance around the kitchen table doing the funky chicken!" -Minette Herbert Geisler

  • Through the Roof

    "My dad placed a small Christmas tree on the roof above where the regular Christmas tree was placed in the house. It gave a visual effect of the tree going through the roof." -James Gottemoller

  • A Classic Tale -- With a Twist

    "We read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas -- and my dad makes 'sound effects'... usually including farting..." -Kate Gelineau

  • Holiday Slumber Party

    "Ever since we were kids, all my siblings and I have slept in the same room on Christmas Eve. Originally it was lots of fun (and a good way for my parents to keep track of us all and make sure we're asleep). We still do it, even though the youngest of us is in college and I have a baby now. My mother claims that she's going to make us do it for the rest of our lives." -Shelby Palmer

  • A Prosperous New Year

    "I put a loaf of bread on my table and money in brown lunch bags between the doors on New Year's Eve and I leave it there until after midnight. This means I will have food on my table for my family all year, and money for the things I need. Works every time!" -Linda Wilczak O'Leary

  • The Joy of Socks

    "My grandfather had these red Santa socks that he wore every year on Christmas Day ever since I can remember. (I guess a pair of socks can last a long time if you only wear them once a year!) Shortly after he passed away we were cleaning things out and my brother and I found them. I was heartbroken because I knew the tradition was over. The following Christmas -- surprise! -- my brother showed up with the socks on. It's been 10 years now and he's kept tradition going!" -Wendy Watson

    "On Christmas day, we all wear weird socks -- bright colors, funny designs, mis-matched pairs. It's fun to out-do each other." -Diandra Sanchez

  • Three in the Bed

    "My three sisters and I, for 14 years, all slept in my twin-size bed!" -Sara Larrick

  • Not Just Any Old Ornament

    "My brother and I each hang a specific ornament on our parents' tree. Mine is a candle cast in plaster that I painted when I was 4 years old. His is a stuffed lion. They have specific spots on the tree they must be hung in or the tree is just not right!" -Stacey Lynch