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Back-to-School Fitness Tips for Moms

As a kid, I loved heading back to school because I was excited to meet my teachers, see my friends and delve into all that luscious learning. As a mom, I love shipping my kids off to class not only out of enthusiasm for them, but also because it means more time for me to work, do errands swiftly on my own and—perhaps most important—spend more solid time working out with less rushing. This is the perfect time of year for parents to not only gear up the kids for a tighter schedule, but also to home in on it ourselves.

Survey: Back-to-school Shopping Stresses Parents Out

While back-to-school season may signal excitement over new classrooms and a fresh wardrobe for most kids, for many parents it means stress around shopping budgets, a change in schedules and managing homework after the long summer break. A survey conducted for Zulily, a retailer focused on all things for moms and kids, finds that the cost of back-to-school shopping tops the list of stresses for parents tied to the new school year. It was cited as a leading cause of stress by 52 percent of parents.