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The Truth About Parenting: Parenting In Suburbia

"I love when someone who's pregnant with her first child tells me, 'I have a plan,'" says Tracy Beckerman, the humorist behind the popular parenting blog, newspaper column and book Lost In Suburbia (Perigee, 2013). "It's like in quotes: 'The Plan: After the baby's born, I'll be home for two months, then hire the perfect nanny and go back to work.' I love 'The Plan' because there is just nothing you can factor into 'The Plan' that makes any sense when you first have a kid. The whole experience is so unpredictable.

CPR Parties Bring Instruction Right To Your Door

Have you ever seen a child severely choke? In a flash of a second, small children can get food or toys lodged in their throats. As a mom, you know how utterly terrifying this moment can feel for both you and your child. Since little ones very often put things in their mouths, it's not only smart to learn CPR, it's vital! An organization in the Washington, D.C. area is bringing instruction directly to moms by having them host parties so they don't have to spend time away from home.