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Water 101

I don’t remember the first time I fished but there is one memorable moment that hooked me on the endeavor and by association, a love of the water.

Dad took the boat out with a neighbor and my brother, sister and Mom waited at the marina until their test ride was over. It was probably only an hour but if mom hadn’t bought some string and a packet of hooks and a can of worms at the tackle store, it would’ve felt like days.

5 Reasons Dads Should Take Paternity Leave

As moms, we know that our hubbies are just as anxious about our impending water breakage as we are. And at home, we know that they are working overtime to prepare for this baby — graciously painting the nursery and packing our hospital bags, to name a few. But at work? Well, that’s outside our jurisdiction. So here’s what us moms think dads could (read: should) do to get the most out of their way-too-short paternity leave.

5 Tips for Pesticide Control

As a child, I loved the board game Clue. In our house on a rainy day, it wouldn't be unusual to hear family members shouting, “Professor Plum with the lead pipe in the kitchen.” But that's not all that lead pipe did. Back then, the lead pipe in our family's Clue set was made of real lead. It was soft and flexible, and I can still remember how it tasted (yes, I put it in my mouth—what kid didn't?). My G.I. Joe diver also came with “real lead weights.” But we later learned that lead was a potent neurotoxin, capable of robbing children of IQ points (among other things).