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The Mommy Wars

When a new mom friend told Andrea P. that she was “really disappointed” in her choice of stroller and that her non-regimented potty-training method would never work, the Seattle mother of two knew it was time to distance herself. “She had an opinion on everything I did, and everything was wrong—from when my kids napped to the fact that they got baths every night,” says Andrea. “Why did she care when I cleaned my children?!”

Test Preparation Strategies for Kindergarten Through Middle School

Sharpen those pencils: We've got teachers' and tutors' secrets to helping kids ace any test.

Choose the Response That Best Answers the Following: 

Tests Are ______________

A. Given even in kindergarten these days

B. Harder than when you were in school

C. Used to help place your child on the fast track—or knock him off it

D. Scary, but something you can help your child succeed at

E. All of the above

Why I’m Pro-Life

"I've done something bad, Jen," my friend whispered over the bustle of the diner, leaning over her dessert plate. "I've really done it now." I leaned in, too, and asked her to speak up. I couldn't hear her; also, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 

Pro-Choice, But Not For Me

In my single-gal 20s, if you’d asked me how I felt about abortion personally—what I’d do if I became pregnant despite always using contraception—I might have said I’d terminate. I had a demanding job, little money, and I lived with my old-fashioned parents. I was just adult enough to know that an unwanted pregnancy would derail my career; just childish enough to dread having to tell to my folks.

But then I grew up. And, when I was 35, I had a D&C. And having one changed my views. 

(Toy) Gun Control

We have an arsenal in our home, 16 weapons of varying sizes and calibers. Among them are the N-Strike Rampage, Truvelo Raptor, Vortex Pyragon, Automatic Tommy 20, Raider CS-35, a laser-sighted pistol, a bolt-action rife, a crossbow and a six shooter. There is also a machete, an aluminum foil knife and a grenade launcher fashioned from paper towel tubes.

How to Deal With Jealousy in Kids

Your child's jonesing for the scarlet-sweater Uggs her BFF wears and says she'll die without them—oh, and also without an iPhone. How should you respond? The answer depends “on the object of her envy,” says Phyllis Katz, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist in Miami Beach, FL. If your kid's coveting a particular item, maybe you could work out ways she could save up for it. But longing for another person's physical traits is trickier. No matter what's made her go green, here's how to help her deal: