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Our Mommy Blog Faves: Getting Personal & Sharing Tips

  • Candidly Marie

    From "when are you two going to start having babies" to "when are they getting a younger brother or sister," Marie, of the blog Candidly Marie, has heard them all. And like the majority of women, it's a personal, complex answer. Check out her post to see her answer—and her questions. Have you asked yourself the question: "Is One Child Enough?"

  • Confessions of the Perfect Mom

    No one has time to test all of the latest and greatest trends out there. But when an item is said to have so many uses, we're intrigued. Kat at Confessions of the Perfect Mom blogs about tea tree oil and its 10 uses in skin care, hair care and aromatherapy. Do you use tea tree oil? What for? Find out "How Essential Are Essential Oils."

  • Scrapability

    We can't get enough of fall decorations. Andrea, writing at Scrapability, put together a collection of ideas that encompasses all design preferences. She found blog posts that feature neutrals, bold colors, paintings and projects using leaves, so you can spend just as much (or little) time decorating as you please.

  • Our Secondhand House

    Whoa there, mom! Don't throw those outgrown PJs away just yet. Bonnie, voice of Our Secondhand Home, has a simple sewing tutorial to put those old clothes to use as a scarf just in time for winter.

  • The Honest Toddler

    For those still recovering from Halloween or just looking for a laugh, check out The Honest Toddler's post titled "Halloween With A Toddler: Reality Vs. Fiction." Simply put, it's everything you hope it will be and more.