Gadgets for the Breastfeeding Mom

We've compiled a list of everything from creams and pillows to covers and pumps to make breastfeeding successful and comfortable.

The Honest Company Nipple Balm

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There are many positives related to breastfeeding, like less stomach upset for baby, money savings for you, and serious snuggle time for you both, but it's not always easy and most certainly not always pain-free. Nipples can, and often will at one point, get sore and cracked. The Honest Company Nipple Balm helps soothe painful breasts and, thanks to its all-natural ingredients, doesn't have to be washed off before baby nurses again. Small enough to toss in your purse or baby's diaper bag, this little jar is just what you need to brace yourself for the next feeding. ($13;


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Nipple Shield with Case

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Breastfeeding is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Some moms experience discomfort while nursing. Some babies have difficulty latching onto the nipple. If this sounds familiar, don't throw in the nursing cover quite yet. A nipple shield may be just the solution you're looking for to continue your breastfeeding journey. The NUK Nipple Shield is a great option because it comes with a handy case to keep it clean in between uses and when traveling.($4;


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The Boppy Support Pillow

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Gone are the days of puzzle-piecing pillows under your elbow and around your side to test out the perfect breastfeeding positions. The Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow places baby in just the right spot for comfortable breastfeeding. The pillow as well as the slipcovers are machine washable, which make it easier to clean than those designer throw pillows you invested in during your "pre-baby" life. (Remember when you slept in every once in awhile?) The Boppy can also help your growing babe strengthen as they test out tummy time, practice propping, and sharpen their sitting skills. ($40;


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Evenflo Feeding Advanced Nursing Pads

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Breastfeeding is made easier and less nerve-wracking with nursing-specific accessories like apparel, bras, and cover-ups. That said, don't forget to add nursing pads, like the Evenflo Feeding Advanced Nursing Pads, to your post-baby wardrobe. With the help of these nursing pads, which come in disposable varieties or cloth, you can avoid finding yourself in an embarrassing situation and put a stop to leaks. They are discreet, come in varying absorbances, keep you comfortable and dry, and thus take one less thing off your mind, which you deserve, Mama. You're doing great. ($8;


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TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy

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It's hard to fully grasp the different ways that breastfeeding and pumping can cause discomfort; that is until it happens to you. The Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy pack is a must-have for breastfeeding moms because it can be hot, warm, or cool and then used again. It's conveniently shaped to fit around the breast and even in a nursing or pumping bra. Forgo the cabbage leaves, frozen peas, and clumsy cords associated with heating pads. You're nailing this nursing thing. Now treat your breasts to some therapy. ($18;


All-in-One Nursing & Pumping Bra

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Bras come in every shape, size, and color. As new moms soon learn, so do nursing bras that allow moms to conveniently and discreetly breastfeed. Look for bras like the Simple Wishes Everyday All-in-One Nursing and Pumping Bra that clip or easily fold down. As the name indicates, it also serves as a hands-free bra for when you need to pump (#multitasking). A nursing mom's bra size can change by the hour, so opt for one that will be comfortable all day and night. ($50;


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Breastfeeding Cover Up Scarf

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For moms that prefer a little privacy while breastfeeding or pumping, nursing covers provide the discrete space they are looking for, without the bulk. Some even serve as a stylish scarf like the NüRoo Breastfeeding Cover-Up Scarf. There's enough to worry about as a nursing mother. Wondering if you're keeping "the girls" covered while breastfeeding in public shouldn't be one of them. ($30;


Advanced Breast Pump with On-the-Go Tote

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The breastfeeding pump has come a long way in recent years. From manual to electric as well as the many accessories and parts that go with this machine, you can rest assured there's a pump to fit your preference and lifestyle. Depending on your budget and how frequently you plan to use it, the best breast pump for you may be very different than that of your fellow mom friends. The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Double Breastpump with On-the-Go Tote is an excellent choice for moms who know they will be packing up their pump to bring to work, take on frequent trips, or even just tote around the house. Whichever pump option you choose, we've compiled a list of breast pump tips to ensure you supply baby with safe, satisfactory milk even when you're apart. ($255;


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Breast Milk Storage Bags

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You know the saying, "no one ever cried over spilled milk." Well, they hadn't just pumped those few ounces of liquid gold. To safely store breast milk, invest in either disposable or reusable leak-proof storage containers or bags, such as Philips Avent Breast Milk Storage Bags. They come equipped with double-zipping locking technology, a pour-friendly design, and space to write baby's name, the "pumped on" date, time, and volume stored inside. Proper breastmilk storage ensures your efforts and baby's milk don't go to waste. Whether you opt for plastic containers or storage bags, make sure to follow safety guidelines for storing breast milk. ($10;


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Quick Clean Breast Pump Wipes

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There is no doubt modern breast pumps are much more convenient now than they were in the past. That said, they can leave you in an "uncomfortable" spot if pumping parts are lost or suddenly broken. Not only can it wreak havoc on your breastfeeding and pumping schedule but it can also become stressful if you're miles away from finding replacement parts. That's why it's a good idea to keep a few spare components on hand and in your pumping bag, just in case. Breastfeeding and pumping tip: Cleanup can leave you in a sticky situation. Luckily, the makers of Medela thought to create quick-cleaning breast pump and accessory wipes for just an occasion. Toss a package of these in your pumping bag and make pumping cleanup a piece of cake. ($16;


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Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer

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Whichever type of baby bottle you use when not breastfeeding, by the time you're ready to warm baby's bottle of pumped breastmilk, a lot of work has gone into this one feeding. You've pumped. You've stored. You've poured. Now it's time to get out the baby bottle warmer! Bring that chilled bottle of breast milk to the perfect temperature with the help of Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer. It plugs into a car adaptor and wraps snugly around the baby bottle. Now, pat yourself on the back, hit the open road, and congratulate yourself on raising a mini road warrior, just like you. ($15;


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