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shes starting to walk but now that shes walking she gets into everything what can i do to disaplin her when she messes with stuff she shouldnt mess with
my family well mom dad and sister want me to name my baby after them but i named my first baby after them my moms name was hazel and my sisters middle name was aly so i named my daughter (alyssa... more
i think i might have the baby early i have had horrible cramps they are unbarible whats sould i do
my daughter hannah is only 2 days old shes a premie she wont stop screaming not crying shes screaming so hard and loud that she can barely breath and shes got a fever i called the emergency room to... more
the docter enduced me early anyways its a girl her name is hannah nicole she is only 4 pounds ive never had to take care of a premie is it differant then a full term baby
im 24 weeks and i have been very horny lately just wondering why am i so horny
i love having sex sooooo much i think its because pregnant women are very horny because i dont feel like this when im not pregnant and i love doggy style so much but just wondering could it hurt my... more
i cant think of any names i have a 8 month old named alissa marie but i cant think of another girl name
now my 8 month old alissa can be a big sister
she screams as loud as she can if i put her down all she wants is for me to hold her and breast feed her it could be because she has an ear infection because sometimes when babies are sick they just... more