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Does anyone know any safe home remedies for the flu? I'm 5 mths and 1 wk and i'm getting this stuffy nose and headache and i'm not feeling well and my doc told if I got worse when i told him last... more
I'm a little confused when converting the weeks into months, right now i'm 19 weeks and i think i'm 5 months but i'm not too sure about that. Anybody? Thanks!
I'm 17 wks and i have felt my baby move, like flutters but i have felt it ,and since yesterday like i don't feel it as much as before, and don't know if i should be feeling it more everyday or what... more
I was thinking on going to the dentist for a cleaning, but i'm a little concerned about it because of the anesthesia and all those quemicals and stuff they have in there, i know they don't put that... more
Hi girls i'm 17 wks and i'm working, i have to get up at 5am 'till 2:30pm, it's so hard for me to get up so early specially now that i'm getting bigger, does anybody know any good work-at-home job, i... more
I'm 16 wks and 3 days and i feels like little movements but i'm not really sure if it's the baby cause is my first, but i feel it sometime sduring the day and then i don't feel it, like if i sneeze i... more
I'm 16 wks pregnant and since yesterday i have been having like a pain when i urinate, i get like a kidney infection sometimes and i'm so scared it could harm the baby or something, i went straight... more
Is it normal to feel nauseuos and feel like throwing up right after you are done having sex with your partner???
I'm 15 weeks and since yesterday i have been feeling like a pain in my lower right part of the abdomen(it's nothing strong that I can't stand, it just bothers), everybody keeps telling me it's normal... more
Next week on monday the 16th i will have my ultrasound and i'll be 15 weeks, do you think they will be able to tell me the gender of my baby?? the doctor told me they might tell me depending on how... more