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i gave my 4 month old a lil sip of my pepsi.. and she loved it.. and i took a pic of it with my cam and posted it on facebook.. and then my bf's mother seen it and chewed me out for it. Was I in the... more
So Monday, April 11th, was my due date.. the baby is head down in the birth canal but i'm still not dilating. So the doctor wants me to come in to the hospital on sunday night at 5:30 and they're... more
Throughout my whole pregnancy, my breasts have stayed the same size, and i am 37 weeks prego and I'm not lactating at all.. Shouldn't I be lactating or leaking by now? and Shouldn't my breasts be... more
I am 36 weeks as of today, Monday, March 14. The Doctor's say that if she doesn't drop soon, I'm gonna have to have a C-Section.. Is there anything I can do to help her move down in to the birth... more
For those of you who had your baby and are STILL With the baby's father, did you go back to work or do you stay at home and take care of your child, while your bf/hubby goes to work? I'm just curious... more
my boyfriend and I are naming our little girl "Cassandra ____ Smythe" .. we can't think of a good middle name to go for her.. my middle name is Lynn and my boyfriend's middle name is Lee... I'm not... more
My last appointment was on December 20th.. they did the ultra sound .. i found out i'm having a little girl! I'm really excited.. but they said they couldn't see her kidneys.. altho there was urine... more
Okay.. so i've been working for 2 years at Tysons... i dont know if any of you know what that is.. but anyways.. I am 15 weeks pregnant as of right now, and since i've been pregnant.. people have... more
So my next appointment is coming up and they're wanting to do "Alpha-Fetaprotein (AFP) or Amniocentesis. I've heard a lot of bad things about the amnio... everyone says its optional.. I don't... more
I'll be 13 weeks along on Monday... how do i tell how many months i am .. and also how do I tell if i am still in my first trimester or 2nd trimester??