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NFL linebacker James Harrison says sons' participation trophies "will be given back until they earn a real trophy."
Parents from Italy are seeking compensation for psychological trauma and living expenses for the daughter they tried to abort in 2000.
What started as a simple hobby for an 8-year-old girl has turned into a messy, all-day, year-round, crow-feeding affair, neighbors say.
The Make-A-Wish foundation helps Maine boy become more mobile and enjoy the outdoors at home.
Parents are shocked at the willingness of their daughters to meet a stranger they just met online in person.
Family doesn't realize 3-year-old is missing until they hear it on the radio
Target is going to stop categorizing products as "boys" or "girls" in their home, toy and entertainment departments.
For every drink of water the parents took, their 9-year-old son was given two swallows, which saved the boy's life.
Study finds connection between excessive social media use and teens' mental health
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is debating whether all toddlers should be screened for autism.