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A family with an adaptive stroller for their disabled son was refused service at a Delaware pizzeria, but the owner says it was a misunderstanding.
Over-the-counter medications are one of the most commonly misused drugs among American tweens and teens.
A new rule says girls can't play on boys' teams in the NTBA's national championship tournament.
Two elementary children with disabilities were handcuffed at school by local law enforcement officers as punishment.
Couple's application to become foster parents was denied because they admitted they spank their biological children.
Researchers discover that low levels of a hormone in the blood may lead to postpartum depression.
Before seventh-graders in Rhode Island can go back to school this fall, the state says every student must get an HPV vaccination.
"The main thing is the baby's OK, and I'm sorry as I can be," daycare owner says.
Maryland boy, Zion Harvey, is looking forward to swinging on the monkey bars and throwing a football after his successful double-hand transplant.
Two brothers sustain second- and third-degree sunburns during a daycare outing to a water park