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A temper tantrum turned into a positive dinner to remember for the parents of a testy 2-year-old.
Texas officials have started refusing to accept matriculas, which are ID cards needed to obtain birth certificates for children of undocumented parents.
More parents than non-parents log on to Facebook daily for advice, and the majority of parents find the information helpful.
Since obtaining the morning after pill has no age limits and no longer requires a prescription, it's gaining popularity among teen girls.
A UK man has donated free sperm to 50 women on Facebook since June 2014. Seven babies have been born in the last 10 weeks, and three more are due within the month.
It pays to have friends, literally. Mom's car is saved from being towed by Facebook mommy group members plugging her meter at the hospital.
Parents say the books' subjects are too mature for children and promote worshiping a non-Christian god
Bill's supporters say it's 40 percent safer for kids to ride in the backseat
Texas couple welcomes their third child into the world—on camera and in a moving car—45 minutes from their birthing center.
Pew Research Center study says poverty rates are highest among Hispanic and black children