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Target is being praised by moms on Facebook for not only welcoming but also accommodating breastfeeding in their stores.
Judge rules to allow lesbian parents in Utah to list both mothers' names on birth certificates, but the ruling doesn't apply to male same-sex couples.
A proposed amendment to federal education guidelines would have allowed parents to opt out their kids from state standardized tests, but it was rejected.
Due to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, gay and lesbian couples can now foster and adopt children in Utah.
"I hope it helps people see breastfeeding as a natural act of feeding a baby, rather than a sexual act to be hidden."
Parents in Oregon are baffled by a new law allowing teens to get hormone-suppressing drugs and sex-change operations without parental permission.
An Oregon school sent a letter home explaining new procedures, which included a note about calling DHS on parents who pick up their children late.
A new study says kids prefer time on Internet-connected devices over watching TV, which is viewed as a punishment.
In its budget proposal for next year, Congress is recommending eliminating a family planning program for low-income families known as Title X.
A post about Lyme disease on Facebook helped a mom realize her child's rash was more than a simple allergic reaction.