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Organic foods are grown without chemicals and pesticides, but not all organic food is healthy by nutritional standards.
UNICEF says preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission is the key to winning the fight against the virus.
Mother, photographer and feminist Ashlee Wells Jackson creates a photo documentary project that shows women in their true forms.
A new study suggests that a key compound in tomatoes can help increase sperm count by 70 percent
You may be "eating for two," but that doesn't mean doubling your food intake.
Breastfeeding is linked to lower inflammation levels, which predict heart disease risk in adulthood.
Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, a condition that produces severe itching, can be fatal for unborn babies
We scoured the internet and found this collection of what are possibly the most cringe-worthy, awkward family photos you will ever see. It'll make you realize how normal your family really is.... more
Teens are taught among their peers about self worth and birth control methods
Evenflo is providing parents free remedy kits with replacement buckles