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today i was laying down and felt this bubbly twitchy feeling on my left side, i don't think it could be the baby moving at 10 weeks, but if its not, what is it? i know it was not gas because i didn't... more
i'm nine weeks and 5 days, and my aunt is going to die and i'm hoping maybe theres a way i can help. if i donated one of my kidneys to her, would the surgery put the baby in harms way? i don't want... more
whats a birth plan exactly? and how do i make one? what are my options usually?
my baby's father is driving me nuts. i feel like i am the ONLY one who really looks into what the baby needs, and i know right now we can't afford to make this work. i'm doing my best, but i feel... more
i'm going to try that gendermaker test, and my friends crystal and michaela had good luck with them. i was just wondering if any of you might have tried it and how it worked for you?
i'm pretty sure i have a yeast infection and i was wondering whats the safest way to treat it? my friend's dr prescribed this cream for her and it ended up killing her baby and i am really afraid of... more
the last few days i've had a brownish discharge when i'd wipe, is that normal?? i'm really worried and i don't want to lose this baby...someone help me, what should i do?
my fiance and i live with his grandparents...and he has a two year old already, i know they aren't going to be happy that we got pregnant without being married especially because we don't have much... more
hi, i'll be eight weeks pregnant tomorrow and it seems like i'm starting to feel a little better, my breasts aren't AS tender anymore and my nausea seems a little easier to manange now. now i'd be... more
my fiance bought me these prenatal gummie vitamins tonight with DHA and folic acid, but it has no iron, which is what i wanted because thats what seems to make me sick with regular it... more