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so, i went to the ob this morning, im 30 weeks, and the doctor said i needed to come back-in in two weeks and they were going to do a ultrasound again. i had one at 20 weeks. she said that they... more
so, i officially decided on a baby name... melody!!!! and i looked it up on the 2010 social security data base. it ranked at 198 in the girl category with 1557 babies given that first name. As silly... more
i just found out im having a girl!!! soooo excited( husband cried)!!!!! the name we have picked out is melody skye and i love it for it's softness and optimistic feel, but... i loved our son's name... more
my son has always had a fairly good diet, even for a older child( he's only 16 months old). he eats fresh fruit for breakfast and lunch every day and if he eats all his food i'll usually give him a... more
I know it's in early october, but when?
i just wanna know what i'm having for the peace of mind of knowing and shopping. when i see that cute dress on sale i want to know if i can bought it or if it will set in a box, pointless for a baby... more
My son, ayden, is 14 months old and has recently began a screaming phase. i know he's only doing it to get attention and so for the most part i ignore him. telling him to stop over and over is only... more
so, me and my husband have been trying to conceive our second child for 6 months and i just found out yesturday through two home pregnancy tests that we finally have our second bun in the oven. then... more
Me and my husband have a 13 month old baby boy, ayden. we want our second child close in age to ayden, so when he was 6 months old we started actively trying to conceive again. unlike with ayden(we... more