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when the mucus plug should come out, or wat is it.. wat happns when it does come out.. im pregnant with my first & clueless.. advice ...
what could i do to easss my back, im 32 wks and have big back pains, can a heater pad work>??
i hear alot of this braxton hicks thing idk im new to all this im having my first bby just wondering wat all this is, its really new to me...
my due date is april 9 but some woman say the doc could be a week off, is this really true o just a lie...
my friend is pregnant & found out she had yeast inf, but never kne she had it, or wat it was, && sounds dumb but neither do i?? ... help
im thinking abt breastfeeding but alot of woman tell me its hurtss so bad and i'll end up giving up is it really that bad? is it really better for the baby than formula?? any advice mommys??
my boobs hurt soo bad my nipples are soo tender... does this mean milk is comming,, any advice?
????? im due april 9,11 im 22wks,
im 21 wks how do i know im 6months pregnant how many weeks do i have to be?