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Julie Metzger's Great Conversations program brings parents and kids together to learn about sex in a fun and frank way—and you can do it at home, too.
Mom of twin brothers with autism: "Running has sharpened their focus and reduced their anxiety."
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I recently confessed to a friend that even though I'm thrilled to be the mom of a happy, healthy 7-year-old boy, the nine months I spent carrying him were not what I thought they'd be. I knew... more
Psychologist says single moms should proceed with caution when dealing with bio-dad's relatives
Moms of kids with life-threatening allergies share their everyday struggles and fears about keeping their children safe.
Kids conjure up ideas in their heads, so the more you talk about the cancer, the more it can take the fear out of the situation for them.
August is Child Support Awareness Month, so we asked a family lawyer to explain the sometimes-confusing process of filing for child support when parents were never married.
My 6-year-old son Jack is out of school for summer. As a freelance writer working primarily from home, I can't justify spending big bucks on full-time summer camp. So, what will we do all summer... more