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A funny new video reveals how children from the U.S. feel about school lunches from places like India and France. 
Children share their candid opinions on how men and women are depicted in fashion photography. Their responses are amazing. 
Nearly 1,000 employees from a wireless retailer joined the hospital's "Rally for Riley" celebration dressed as superheroes — and made a lot of kids very happy!
This school PTA came up with the ultimate fundraising solution for parents who don't have time to bake, aren't willing to ask people for money, and don't feel like buying overpriced stuff...
Holy Cuteness! Mom commands her kids to lay down with a simple hello over the baby monitor. You'll want to watch this 20 times. 
Zion Harvey, the world's first child-recipient of a double hand transplant, is headed home after his body successfully accepted his new donor hands. 
Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt, two inspiring boys with Down syndrome, are teaching us that anything is possible.
Phew! A new study debunks the idea that sending little kids to daycare can make them behave more aggressively.
A babysitter allegedly confessed to shaking Mariah Ramirez and Derek Podanay's 5-month-old son. So why is the baby in protective custody?
We often read horrifying stories about parents who forget their sleeping children in cars, but this little boy entered the vehicle on his own.